Friday, December 11, 2009

Weekend schedule and 23 week update...

My parents are coming to see us in a few hours. Here is the schedule for this weekend. I will report back on Monday my stats for the week as well as next weeks fitness schedule. My 6 month doctors appointment is next Thursday!! Praying for another good report. I have been trying so hard to stay on track with my eating and my exercise, so I hope it pays off! My weight continues to grow at a steady rate, now about 1 pound a week, despite all of my activity and efforts. Looking at all I have done, I am perfectly happy with this, my baby is healthy and growing...and so am I! It is just so important for me to stay on course! I have been walking, staying active and eating very well so if I look at all areas of my life, I really do feel that I am doing all I can. I am 23 weeks pregnant and this morning I weighed in showing a 15 pound gain. My goal is to be at 15.5 - 16 pounds for my weigh in next week.

I have now walked almost 26 miles this week. My goal is to reach 30 miles by Saturday. Today my goal is to walk another 4, then on Saturday walk at least 3 miles. I will surpass my goal if I do this!

Again, I will report back on Monday how the weekend went. For now, I am off to walk more and do that last bit of shopping before my parents arrive.

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

Weekend Fitness Schedule -
Friday - walk 4 miles
Saturday - walk 3 miles
Sunday - walk 2 miles

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Cheryl said...

Good work!
I remember trying to stay at certain weight gain and if you are aware of it , the weight seems to stayed under control...but trust in your body and yourself that even if you gain 5 pounds more than you wanted, it WILL come off in the end..just keep that baby nice and healthy and strong! At the week 32 mark I stopped worrying as the number on the scale was crazy! IN the end I went fro 130 to 180 pounds and I am back down to 144 3 weeks after delivery...
I admire your commitment!