Thursday, April 09, 2009

Workout Results 4/9-

Instead of taking today off I wanted to get a good swim and some pilates in to keep my muscles loose and ready for tomorrow. It was a light day but I am very pleased with my swim time and how quickly I am getting back into my program.

700m freestyle swim - 15:53 mins
Cathe STS Pilates and Yoga Abs segments with extended stretching - 40 mins

Total time - 55:53
Calories burned - 363 (from fitness counter on not HRM)
Calories consumed - 1,696


Bren said...

Take today off..... NO WAY!!!! I don't think I could stay in the garden if I had access to that trail for the bike, the pool and did I mention the fabulous gym?!!

Jen's Journey said...

I know it is hard when there is SO much to do around here!