Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My first Tri workout!! Workout Results 4/8 -

WOW! I am so excited right now! I just had the most amazing day. Where do I start....

I got up this morning to do my first swim workout in YEARS! When I was in 10th grade I was on a swim team and loved it. I stopped swimming when I started to gain my weight in college and somewhere along the way my love for the sport drifted away, much like my figure.

I was SO nervous today for some reason. I got to the gym with my workout book to log my laps, got into the pool and felt as if it was the first time all over again. As I put my swim cap on, the memories started to come back, and that is when I started to get excited. My first few laps where slow, very slow in fact but after awhile I got into a rhythm. My breathing patterns came back to me, I started to focus on extending my stroke and I began to ease into the laps at a more relaxed pace. I was stopping every 100 to 150 meters to log my laps so that I could keep track, which took a bit of time but I still managed to finish in a decent time for my first swim in so long.

I swam a total of 800 meters then I rushed as fast as I could to the ladies locker room where I threw a t-shirt and running pants over my suit, put my shoes on and ran up stairs to the treadmill for a 2 mile run. I was quite tired by the time I started my run, but I pressed on finished the 2 miles strong.

I came home at this point and drink a protein shake, then about 30 minutes later I got on my bike for a 16.76 mile bike ride followed by a 1 mile run. This was my first brick workout, as it is called in triathlon training. My ride was far better today than my last. FIrst of all I was faster, but I also felt more comfortable on the bike and I did very well at the stop lights and on the busy roads. My ride today was hard. I chose a route that had quite a bit of hills and on top of that it was quite windy today, but I pressed on. As I was coming back to our house, I jumped off my bike, ran my bike around the house then took off for my one mile run. My legs at this point where Iike pillars of stone, I was running SO slow....I thought, I am not going to make it, but I once again pressed on and finished my one mile strong and SO very proud of how hard I worked.

Now, today taught me two things. The first being that for just starting my training I am doing well. I am not fast, but I am building up my endurance and every workout I can see I difference in my stamina as well as my times. The second thing I learned today is just how far I have to go! I want more than anything to do an Ironman 70.3 series and if that is a goal I plan to achieve I have allot of work ahead of me. I need to loose more weight, train harder and really work on speed. I finished the day with a nice bike ride with my husband for another 5.2 miles, he said hearing about my day inspired him and therefore he inspired me to go just a little more!!

In summary, I can honestly say that I pushed myself today, I gave it my all and I am so proud that I did. I cannot wait to do the same workout next week and see how my times have improved. I guess that is one good thing about starting at the bottom is that you have LOTS of room for improvement!

Totals for the day -
Time - 159 mins ( includes transitions, cool downs and stop lights on bike)
Calories burned - 1,841
Calories consumed - 1,660
Swim - 800m
Bike - 21.96 miles
Run - 3.03 miles

Workout 1 - Morning 800 meter swim with 2 mile run
Swim - 800m @ 20:38 mins
Run - 2.02 miles @ 19:55 mins/ Avg pace - 9.7 mm

Workout 2 - Bike with 1 mile post ride run
Bike - 16.76 miles @ 66.26 mins / Avg speed - 15.1 mph - Max speed - 25.7 mph
Run - 1. 02 miles @ 10:37 mins / Avg pace - 10:25 mm

Workout 3 - Evening bike ride with husband
Bike - 5.2 miles @23:37/ Avg speed - 13.2 - Max speed - 19.8


Leigh said...

Good JOb!! I am so proud of you, its funny you mentioned the pool. I havne't bought a bathing suit in 10 years let alone got into the water, and i LOVE to swim and my hubby and i were talking about this last night. Thanks for the motivation!

erin said...

That is AWESOME, Jen! Do you think your self from 3 years ago would have even thought this possible?? You have totally changed your life, and it's amazing!

Bren said...

I am telling you GIRL.... SUPER STAR!!!! I can't wait to get on my bike but it is still to windy in the flatland's we live in. It is going to be a great summer - can't wait to hear all about your amazing journey.((HUGS))

Amy said...

Hiiiiiiii! Wow, so great to see you here! Thanks for finding me. I think it has been since before the new year since we've connected. You're here now, right? (Here = USA) Clearly, by this blog I just read, you're doing fabulously. Reading about your activities & your energy along w/ your constant positive spirit reminds me a lot of Magda (Smurfette0725) :D That's awesome!!

Jen's Journey said...

Thanks Amy! You are so sweet, yes we are back now and LOVING being in the US again!

Thanks for even placing me in the same category as Magda, she is such a super star....simply amazing!

Trainer T.s Virtual Fitness said...

Wow, so proud of you Jen!!! Great job, you will reach goal in no time and inpired your DH Go!

Man, if only I did not have to work I could join you!
I would love to spend all day training what a beautiful life you have.