Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wonderful day! Workout results 4/21 -

Today was not my fastest swim. It was by no means my fastest bike ride and for sure I did not tear it up on the run....BUT....I did it! I got out there and did my best and pushed through many moments where I wanted to turn around and go home! Today I could see a light, however small it may be, at the end of the tunnel that shows me someday I can reach all of the goals I dream of. I will reach them by being consistent each and every day. I will reach them by completing a workout even though it is not one of my best because I know that every day I reach, work, push and strive for all I can is another day that I am closer to my ultimate goal.

This mornings swim was not good. I cut my distance short as the pool was too crowded and people where waiting to use the pool. I had been swimming for awhile with hardly anyone there which was nice, but even then today more was about covering the distance, not speed. I felt at ease, not winded or tired. I was focusing on my strokes and breathing and all in all, I felt strong.

After my swim I came home and refueled with some raisin Ezekiel bread, and I was off for my 25 mile bike ride. For the first 15 miles I was very strong, then it happend...BAM! My body crashed! I felt my stomach start to ache, it was cramping bad. Then my legs started to cramp. Here I was in the middle of nowhere and I felt as if I was going to fall off of my bike, I got concerned. I slowed down and took a few deep breaths and kept going. I was in the middle of climbing a slight hill. It was more like a long road with a constant incline that never ended. I looked at my watch and I could not believe it, I was only going 8.9 mph! WHAT??? How is that possible that I am going that slow? I tried to get my speed up again but my legs where dead. I drank my electrolyte drink and nothing changed. I wanted to turn around and go home but I pressed on....SLOWLY! About 15 mins later I finally made it to the end of the road and was ready to turn on to another street, and BAM.....my energy came back, just like that! I started fast again felt strong and back to normal, then at mile 23 it happened again, my body shut down. This time I was so close to finishing my 25 miles I could not stop, I pressed on to the end and made it home........then came the run!

Now, I can honestly say that when I stepped off my bike it practically brought me to my knees. I thought my legs felt like lead on the bike, but now my legs were like jello. But again I just kept telling myself to take one step at a time. I was running SLOW, but I could of cared less what my speed was, I was just happy to be moving forward in the right direction!!! LOL! I pressed on and did my scheduled 1 mile run and at the end of all of it, I was so proud! I covered my longest swim and bike today and still managed to get in a one mile run after it all.

Again, time wise this day is definitely not for the record books, but taking away from that for a minute, I am just so proud of myself! I set a goal this morning as to what I was going to do, and reached it! Speed will follow in time, but for now, I feel like a champion, and I will never forget this moment!

Totals for today -
Time - 169 mins ( includes transition, stop lights and cool down) 154 mins without cool downs etc...
Calories burned - 1,891
Calories consumed - 2,202

Workout 1 - 1,650 yards (1.5 km) swim
Time - 40.03 mins
Calories burned - 434
Warm up - 800 yards - 18.52 mins
200 yard breaststroke
200 yard backstroke
200 yard pull-buoy
200 yard free style
850 yards freestyle - 21.51 mins

Workout 2 - Brick - 25.23 mile ride / 1 mile run
Bike Time - 103 mins/ Avg speed - 14.7 mph/Max speed - 23.9 mph
Run Time - 10.56
Calories burned - 1,457( from Polar RS 400)

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Bren said...

OH JEN.... I feel so bad that you didn't enjoy your entire bike ride today. Maybe it is the heat kicking in? Maybe you just had too high of expectations? BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is that you PUSHED ON!!!! You are amazing and I do believe you are on your way to successfully completing that race coming up.