Friday, April 03, 2009

Weekend plan and next week's schedule....

My parents are coming tonight to stay with us for the weekend! We will be busy working in the yard and seeing the sites around town. I may try and get in a morning run on Saturday with my Mom ( who is a runner).

For next week my plan is as follows -

Monday - Run 4 miles and ST
Tuesday - Swim 300 m and Bike 10 miles
Wednesday - Run 4 and ST
Thursday - Swim 300 m and Bike 10 miles
Friday - Run 4 and ST
Saturday - Long, leisurely bike ride with husband
Sunday - OFF

Have a fantastic weekend! Stay focused, watch your caloric intake, drink your water and above all.....KEEP PRESSING ON!!


Krissa said...

I bet your mom is so glad to have you back in the US. Hope you guys have a good weekend together.

You may have already mentioned this but I just really looked at it...Cathe's Shock Cardio. I REALLY want to pre-order these videos. I bet they will be GREAT! Are you going to get them?

RunTX said...

Great workout, you inspired me to start jogging again. What is "st?"


Jen's Journey said...

ST is strength training!

I try to get in a least 2 days of "ST" in each week. I may start changing that to only 2 days a week to add another day of swimming or running.

Thanks again for your comment and support of my training!