Saturday, April 11, 2009

Workout Results 4/11-

This morning I got up for a 3 mile run and my legs where so sore. I pushed through the run but my left shin was just hurting so bad. I finished, slowly, but I did finish!

I wish I could have ended the week with an amazing run, but I met all my goals for the week, in fact I surpassed many of them, so I am very proud of all that I have done. I am thankful that tomorrow is my one off day so I can rest and be ready for another hard week.

Saturday morning 3 mile run -
Time - 32:12/ Avg pace - 10:44mm
Calories burned - 451
Calories consumed - 1,463 ( pre-logged meals for the day)

Weekly totals -
Time - 558 mins
Calories burned - 5,794
Run - 15.28 miles
Bike - 21.96 miles
Swim - 2,195 meters (1.36 miles)
ST - 2 sessions
Yoga - 1 session

1 comment:

SuperDave said...

You had a great week!
Take it easy and let those pains heal!
5700 cals for the week!!!!! wow!