Monday, April 06, 2009

Workout Results 4/6 -

It was a beautiful day here. I just love running outside as it is such a change from the treadmill in Russia where I have been running these past 3 years. My legs where very stiff today and my knee was sore starting off. It was not until around 0.80 miles or so when I began to lengthen my stride and start to get into my pace. It was hard running today for some reason, my energy level was really low. I was pleased with my run however in that I got out there and did it even though I was not up to my best.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Continue to press on one day at a time!!!!

Run - 3.0 miles- 31:03 mins/pace - 10.21mm
Walk - .32 miles - 4:44 min/pace - 14:53 mm
Run - 1.68 miles - 18:36/pace - 11:05mm
Cool down Walk - .25 mile- 3:58 min /15:45mm

Total time - 58:22 mins
Total distance - 5.25 miles
Avg pace - 11:07 mm
Calories burned - 762
Calories consumed - 1,681


Annie said...

Hi Jen,

Just wanted to say that you're an inspiration! I loved catching up on your blogs and can't wait to see how your journey turns out! Keep it up!


RunTX said...

It was windy today so, I was only able to go for 30 minutes walk/jog.