Thursday, April 02, 2009

Workout Results 4/2 -

What a fabulous day this was!! I did not work out today, instead I worked in the yard and lifted a great deal of flagstone. I got allot done and had fun as today was simply gorgeous outside. I did log my meals, and I met all of my other goals...water, vitamins etc...

I also wanted to say thank you for everyones emails and questions regarding my program and weight loss. I will try to write each of you back very soon. In the mean time just know that I have read each email and comment and I really do appreciate you sharing your weight loss stories with me.

Have a beautiful day! Shine On!!

Calories burned - Did not workout today
Calories consumed - 1,749

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Kelly Olexa said...

Honey you are WORKING IT!! You are fantastic!!! Keep inspiring all of us!