Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Loving life and ready to get back to work!

Today is the last day of this amazing 4 day weekend we have had!! I spent the past 4 days relaxing with my husband and dear friends but I did manage to get a workout in on Saturday. I took Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off. What can I say, it was nice to have a break! :) I was a good girl though, I ate well and did not indulge in too many treats!! :) 

I am refreshed and ready to get going this week with some killer workouts! I miss desperately my super long 2-3 hour workout days that preceded my knee injury, but I understand the need to heal and recover properly.  I also need to remember that going all out each and every day will most of the time do more harm then good.  So I am going to stick to the Intermediate running plan that I followed last week.  

This weekend I was able to increase my intervals to 7.0 mph on the tread.  I have not ran intervals at that pace for some time as I have been trying to slow it down for my knee. I am hoping to increase the intervals this week to 7.5 - 8.0 mph but as always I will have to listen to my body and see if I can push it without overextending myself. 

So now after the relaxing weekend it is time to get back to business! Here is my plan for the rest of this week - 
  • Wednesday November 5th -  Full body ST with elliptical/tread intervals 
  • Thursday November 6th - 30 min slow run on the tread. 
  • Friday November 7th - Full body ST with elliptical/tread intervals 
  • Saturday November 8th - 30 min slow run on the tread. 
  • Sunday November 9th - Day off 

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erin said...

I'm glad you were able to have such a relaxing time with your husband! Breaks are always beneficial every now and then.