Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time to increase my weights......

I am limited as to the types of DBs and options I have here, but I want to start increasing my weight as I have been lifting the same amount for some time now. I added weights to one of my dumbbells as well as my Barbell today which will change my rep range but that is what I need, to kick things up a notch! My goal will be to stay with in 10-12 rep range for my heavier weights and 15 -20 reps for my lighter days.

All of my weights are in kilos as we are over in Russia so the weight in pound may seem a bit odd. I never really watched the details of my lifting in terms of weights down to the .3 or .5 but now that I am trying to increase my strength I will start logging more accurately. Not sure how I will do with my new weights but it is going to be exciting to see what changes take places as a result!! I need to focus on my lifting as my knee is out and I can not do my normal cardio routines. So for now I will make the most of this time as my knee heals and really work on getting lean through lifting!!

3 kg DBs - 6.6 lbs
5 kg DBs - 11 lbs
8 kg DBs - 17.6 lbs
12.8 kg DBs - 28.2 lbs - new weight - increased weight from 25 lb which is what I was lifting before.
One 16.6 kg Dumbell - 36.5 lbs - new weight
One 25.6 kg Barbell - 56.4 lbs - new weight

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