Sunday, November 30, 2008

Workout Schedule 12/1 - 12/7 -

This week will be a recovery week with no ST.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 60 min walk,run,elliptical and bike combo followed by core work.

Tuesday and Thursday - 60 min walk,run,elliptical and bike combo followed by lower body work.

Saturday and Sunday - Rest


Stef said...

Sounds like a good plan!

Since I just started following your blog, I have a question...

What takes you to Russia to live? Job?


Kelly Olexa said...

Love your new picture girlfriend!!
Keep rockin!!


LastJourneyDown said...

I am always blown away by your posts and your progress. How you are doing this in such a remote outpost is a mystery to me, but keep it up - you are incredibly inspiring!

Krissa said...

Thats funny because I was going to ask the same question Steph did. Why Russia?

Love the new pic too.

Jen's Journey said...

We are here in Russia because of my husbands job. We have been here for 3 years and are ready to move on! It has been a wonderful experience and we both are very grateful that we decided to come over here!

Thanks for the comments on my new pic - it was taken back in June on a train in Germany.

Thanks for the support!!