Tuesday, November 11, 2008

P90X Shoulders and Arms with Ab ripper X -

Today was another success. All goals were met and I had a wonderful ST workout!

P90X Shoulders and Arms -

Standing alternating shoulder press -
Set 1 - 6 reps with each arm with 25 lb DBs
Set 2 - 7 reps with each arm with 17 lb DBs

In and out bicep curls (two arm curls, with two DBs, one rep in and one outward) -
Set 1 - 20 reps with 17 lb DBs
Set 2 - 15 reps with 17 lb DBs

Two arm tricep kickbacks -
Set 1 - 15 reps with 11 lb DBs
Set 2 - 15 reps with 11 lb DBs

Deep swimmers press (Start low and come up to bicep curl then straight up to overhead press.)
Set 1 - 12 reps with 17 lb DBs
Set 2 - 15 reps with 17 lb DBs

Full supination concentration curl ( curl, then rotate curl towards chest and squeeze at top) -
Set 1 - 10 reps with each arm with 25 lb DBs
Set 2 - 10 reps with each arm with 25 lb DBs

Chair Dips -
Set 1 - 21 reps
Set 2 - 25 reps

Upright rows -
Set 1 - 12 reps with 17lb DBs
Set 2 - 12 reps with 17 lb DBs

Static arm curl ( two arm curls - hold one arm in curl position while you curl the opposite arm 4 reps then switch, always holding one arm in a static hold while lifting the opposite arm.).
Set 1 - 24 reps - 6 sets of 4 count with 17 lb DBs
Set 2 - 24 reps - 6 sets of 4 count with 17 lb DBs

Flip grip twist tricep kickback ( two grips - one palms up then reverse to palms down)
Set 1 - 15 reps with red P90X resistance band.
Set 2 - 12 reps with red P90X resistance band.

Seated two angle shoulder fly( first angle upright fly, then second bend over fly)
Set 1 - 16 reps with 17 lb DBs
Set 2 - 16 reps with 11 lb DBs

Crouching Cohen curl ( crouch down and place two DBs between knees, two arm curl)
Set 1 - 12 reps with 17 lb DBs
Set 2 - 12 reps with 17 lb DBs

Lying down tricep extensions -
Set 1 - 15 reps with 17 lb DBs
Set 2 - 15 reps with 17 lb DBs

In and out straight arm shoulder flys -
Set 1 - 16 reps with 11 lb DBs
Set 2 - 16 reps with 11 lb DBs

Congdon curls ( two arm bicep curls - standard curl up then hammer curl down).
Set 1 - 15 reps with 17 lb DBs
Set 2 - 15 reps with 17 lb DBs

Side tri raise ( lay on side then with one arm push up then lower body)
Set 1 - 15 reps for each arm
Set 2 - 20 reps for each arm

Core work - Ab ripper X - Total reps - 307

In and outs - 25 reps
Seated bicycle - 50 reps
Seated crunchy frog - 25 reps
Crossed leg sit up - 20 reps
Fifer scissor - 20 reps
Hip rock and raise - 22 reps
Pulse up - heels to heaven - 18 reps
Roll ups/ V combo - 22 reps
Oblique V ups - 25 reps
Leg climb - 30 reps
Mason/side to side twist with legs up - 50 reps

Total time - 66.15 mins
Calories burned - 544
AHR -133/69% MHR - 171/89%

Daily goals -
Drink water first before eating in the morning - done 32oz
Complete my ST workout with core - done
Ice my knee 4-5 times - done
Take all my supplements and vitamins - done
Finish all my water for the day - 128 oz - done
Stay within calorie range for the day - done
Do all of my stretches for my knee plus at least 20 min of yoga - done 30 mins total. I did not wear my HRM during the yoga, so calories burned were only from P90X.

Daily Intake -
Calories consumed - 1,670
Protein - 39%
Fat - 17%
Carbs - 44%

Meal 1 - One buckwheat pancake with 3 tsp. of groud flax seeds, 3 tbsp of low fat yogurt, 1 tbsp of strawberry jam. 3 egg whites scrambled with 1.75 oz of chicken breast. 1 cup of Chi tea and 32 oz of water.

Meal 2 - 3.5 oz of roasted chicken with 1/2 cup of roasted veggies. 1/2 cup of apple juice and 32 oz of water.

Meal 3 - 1 cup of skim milk, 1/2 cup of frozen strawberries and 1 scoop of protein powder and 32 oz of water.

Meal 4 - 1 sweet potato. 1 cup of homemade chicken and brown rice soup. 32 oz of water.

Meal 5 - 1/2 cup of low fat yogurt and 1/2 cup of oatbran.

Meal 6 - 1 scoop of protein powder and water.


LizN said...

Hi Jen,

Found your blog through my client Tara - what an amazing job you are doing in Siberia - love TOny Horton, he's a funny guy but good workouts!

All the best,
Liz N, Australia

ChasingPavement said...

Hey there! LOVE your break down of your p90x and how you write it all out. awesome awesome! what day of p90x are you on? Ive finshed the first 2 phase but had to take a 2 week break because I had surgery last monday. Im starting up phase 3 this morning :)

Angela said...

Jen- you are a powerhouse! I love coming to read your accomplishments! I'm praying your knee is better soon.

Angela (Angelnook) SP

loveofoats.com said...

best of luck!

i really want to try p90x - i've heard amazing things about it :)

Evelyne said...

WOW. Awesome girl! Kick some booty! Don't know how anyone gets through those workouts, they look like killers! Great job and getting all your goals done for today!

Kelly Olexa said...

Girl, you are rocking! How did you get 17lb dumbells? I have 15 and then 20s...drat.


Brad said...

Keep up the good work. Those are some impressive results.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I came across your excellent blog while looking up random bits of information on P90X and general fitness. I LOVE the way that you break-down everything - from your meals to your calories burned. I keep a similar journal for my records, too. Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy! Take care of yourself and enjoy this special time in your life. Secondly, I have a favor: I do not have a heart-rate monitor and therefore can only begin to estimate my calories burned during P90X workouts. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your average height and weight as a basis for your calorie-burn count. I am only 5'0" tall and about 115 lbs (female), and I have a hard time gauging how many calories I burn through P90X. I use your numbers as a rough estimate, but I know that the numbers very greatly based on height/weight factors. Alrighty, enough of my babbling! Thanks for the awesome blog and excellent work on your fitness program. I am sure that after your baby is born, you will have a great time (and an excellent foundation)in starting the next round of your fitness goals. Thanks again and congratulations!

Anonymous said...

thank you for your site. I am starting the poorman's P90 workout.
I have never heard of some of these exercise. So my search for the answer (what the heck are these things and how are they performed?) have been founded on your blog.
I'm 47, 6'2", 225lbs.
Lets see where I am in 90 days.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I need to hear exactly what Refugio will say with this :)


Anonymous said...

last few days our class held a similar talk about this topic and you point out something we have not covered yet, appreciate that.

- Kris

GrumpyOrc said...

Good job! I finished p90x a few months ago and I blew up. My arms still feel strange, like they belong to someone else. It totally works. Keep up the good work! When your done you should try insanity. It will **** you up!