Tuesday, February 01, 2011

January Totals and February Goals...

I am doing really well with my 12 by 12 challenge which started Jan 1st. I have only 3.4 lbs to go!! I am going to start blogging my Clean Program progress over the next 21 days and once this is completed I will continue on with my 12 by 12 challenge which ends April 4th.  

I did well this past month. It is hard to believe that February is already here but I am ready!! Here are my results from January - 

1. Lost 8.6 lbs!! 
2. Completed 86.70 miles 
3. Completed another HM - 2:23 
4. Lost 6.5 inches 

February Goals - 

1. Lose 6 - 8 lbs - BIG goal, shooting really high here but I think I can do it!! 
2. Complete my 21 day cleanse. Following The Clean Program by Dr. Junger 
3. Complete 80 miles 
4. Lose another 2 inches 

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Love that your so ambitious!

It never hurts to have such high goals! That (IMHO) is the only way to achieve greatness!