Sunday, February 13, 2011

I tried my best, but fell short....

TERRIBLE! Possibly one of the worst runs I can remember!

Long story short. The day before my run I had a VERY deep tissue massage with heat therapy. The lady was very good as she is an expert in tigger point therapy and deep tissue massages. She worked my IT band SOOOOOO much! Then she gave me a deep tissue massage with warming oils and biofreeze with HOT towels. IT was wonderful but left me extremely sore. The next morning I went to run my scheduled 9 miles and I about died. My knee was killing me, far worse than before the massage, My hamstrings, calves, all hurt so much.
I worked as hard as I could in pain but after 5.2 miles I stopped running in tears. I was in a great deal of pain. I was VERY hard on myself. I felt like I gave up and I was letting so many people down by just stopping but I know now that it was the smart thing to do.
Anyways, this weekend has been a hard one. The cleanse is going well and my weight loss is amazing but my knee....well lets just say that this week I am going to take it easy, do a BUNCH of my physical therapy exercises and yoga. I will be walking this week until Wednesday or maybe Thrusday, we will see.

I did my best and I can rest in knowing this but I will never forget this run.


Keelie Sheridan said...

That sounds amazingly frustrating. I give you props for even giving it a go when you were hurting in the first place!

tderry70 said...

You tried, you did your best and I think by resting this week...well, not resting but cutting back will help your knee issues. You didn't let anyone down I promise!!!

Shannon said...

It happens Jen!

I know how determined you are, and know that you'll get back on track. Rest your body and go get um' when your ready!

The Mrs said...

Stop being hard on yourself girl! Think of what you'd tell a friend in the same position and take that advice. ;)