Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My 21 day cleanse is complete!

I am so happy to say that my 21 day cleanse is now officially finished! It was an incredible experience and I learned so very much along the way. Having come from a place in my life where I was already eating very healthy, it did not radically change my view on foods but it did give me insight on a few things I needed to change and for this I am grateful.

I have to say, I am even more excited about my next health adventure which starts March 1st! It is very simple. It is a combination of things I have learned through various programs along with incorporating the HEALTHY foods I love best! To me this is VERY important. You want to enjoy the foods you are consuming!

My sweet friend gave my new plan a name that I have to say I just love! The JensFItDiet!!! I guess this would be the best way to describe my plan as it really does not set name, ie...Vegan etc...

I will be eating a combination of Raw, Vegan and Vegetarian mixed with a few meats mostly Chicken,Turkey and Buffalo along with all kinds of Fish. My main focus will be on eating as many fresh veggies as possible! We are going to continue to juice daily along with trying out as many raw food dishes as possible.

I will be writing a blog outlining my goals for my March Meltdown Challenge in a few days! I would love it if you guys would join me in making March a super successful month!!! My Dad and my husband are joining in on the challenge too!

Here are my totals from this year so far.....

Wellness totals for the year - Starting January 1st
Weight Loss - 14.6
Inches Lost - 7.75
Miles - 105.52

The Cleanse Program Totals - Starting February 1st
Weight Loss - 6 pounds
Inches Lost - 1.25...will measure again March 1st


The Mrs said...

SO glad you're done with that and movin' on to your next phase of awesomeness!

BrendaKaye said...

Raw food dishes sounds really interesting. Do you have a good recipe book or place online? I would love to look into raw food dishes. I am trying to figure out what to do in March and your plan sounds healthy and great!
Congratulations on finishing the cleanse!! Although you are right, I think you are so healthy and already ate very close to it before!

Katie D. said...

Awesome job on the cleanse! I am looking forward to partaking in the March challenge as I've recently begun to adjust my food choices to include more fresh fruits/veggies and less pre-packaged foods. Can't wait to see what kind of tips and recipes you will be posting.

Keep up the great work!

My said...

Hi Jen, I was just wondering, what kind of juicer are you using? I've been in search of a really good one.

Jen's Journey said...

My Juicer is a Breville Elite and I LOVE IT!!! Highly recommended!

In terms of the food sites, I have links to quite a few on my blog to the right side.