Monday, February 07, 2011

My Clean Program Results Day 5 and 6

Wellness totals for the year - Starting January 1st 
Weight Loss - 10.8 pounds....1.2 more pounds until I reach my goal!! SO CLOSE!
Inches Lost - 6.5 
Miles - 90.81 

The Cleanse Program Totals - Starting February 1st 
Weight Loss - 2.2 pounds 
Inches Lost - 0 

Np pics for today as they are on my husband iphone! Sorry :) Will take some today for you! 

Saturday 2/5 - 

Morning Shake with Raw protein powder 

Whole Foods Health Starts Here Brown rice Veggie Sushi with no soy sauce. Used Coconut aminos instead. Buckwheat noodles with boy choy, nappa, mushrooms and organic chicken 

Raw cheesecake from Whole foods ( 2 bites) 

Aloe vera drink and detox tea 

Sunday 2/6 - 

Morning Shake with Raw protein powder 

Spinach salad with chicken, walnuts, cucumber, onion and mushrooms with EVOO and vinegar. Clean eating turkey meatloaf, no sauce. 

Small amount of brown rice , chicken and black beans with 1/2 avocado. 

Evening cranberry and aloe vera drink with detox tea 


Jersey Girl Blogger said...

Hey what happened? No more posts? I'm doing the clean program too. I just started on Feb. 14th. I did cheat 2 nights though because my husband and I went away this past Thurs. and Fri. The only part where I cheated was that I had alcohol those 2 nites. Otherwise I've been an angel.


Jersey Girl Blogger said...

And fyi, this no caffeine thing is the hardest part!!!