Thursday, October 22, 2009

4 month checkup with the doctor...

Heading out the door today for the doctor's visit, so excited!! Belly photos soon to come!

Today was my 16 week checkup at the doctors office. The visit was great and my doctor seemed very impressed with my workouts and eating habits. He said everything is great with my weight gain and I am doing well. My blood pressure was 120/72 and my test results regarding my sugars, proteins and fats came back perfect! So I need to just keep eating well and exercising and I am on the way to having a wonderful pregnancy!! Our next apt is November 16th, the day we find out if we are having a boy or a girl!!!!

As far as my weight gain and so on, I am doing well but I am definitely gaining each week! I have been taking measurements to see where I am gaining my weight to ensure that it is all where it is supposed to be. So far so good, the majority of the increase has been in my chest followed by my stomach. With my arms and thighs staying the same and a slight increase in my hips. Here are my current stats at 16 weeks -

Weight gain - 12 to 13 pounds (depending on the day I weigh and how much sodium I eat)
Chest - gain of 5 inches (oh dear...)
Waist/belly - gain of 3.5 inches
Hips - gain of 1.5 inches
Thigh - same - no increase
Arms - same - no increase

We were able to hear the babies heart beat today! That was incredible! The heart beat was strong at 156. The baby was moving all around once again, it seems we have one active baby on our hands. Which we are thankful for! During the abdominal exam the doctor felt the baby right below my belly button and he said the baby is definitely growing as my uterus is getting bigger and moving on up!

After the visit my husband and I continued the tradition of going out to eat to celebrate the visit! I treated myself to a delicious Thai lunch with soup, papaya salad, curry and noodles! Definitely a splurge, but worth it!! I am going to head out for my 3 mile walk in about an hour and then come back and continue with my ST that I have scheduled for today.

I am so happy right now. Truly happy. I have never been so thrilled to be getting so big! Ha!


Mary M said...

Get ready for that 'chest' to keep growing!!! But its WONDERFUL and when the baby starts to really kick and you see the ultrasound photos get ready to CRY!

God Bless to you and hubby!

Cheryl said...

so so great..sounds like you are growing perfectly! The chest thing will slow down after 20's shocking at first I know! The weight gain also slows doen a bit in the middle and then revs up at the end. Just know that since you are eating and working out, all this weght is simply baby weight..and that is easy to take off after baby comes! keep it up!

erin said...

Oh Jen, it just makes me so HAPPY to read these posts and know what a blessing this baby is to you and your husband!

Running Diva Mom said...

Congratulations! I really enjoyed your update. Enjoy every moment.