Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Setting new goals for this next week...

Well after my VERY short strength training session a few days ago, my legs are still so very sore from my sumo squats. It is sad really. It just goes to show how OUT OF SHAPE I have become. It sounds bizarre but I have not been strength training and I am sorry, going out running is different then a sumo squat. You are using different muscles with a squat....I need to be doing these more obviously.  Well the point of saying all of this is that I am going to slightly change my plan for the next few days, not by much but I am just trying to listen to my body. I do find it strange I am not recovering as fast as I used to but then again I have a host of weird things going on with my body right now. Still trying to figure out what is going on. I did find an online training site called ME....Metabolic Effect that has various programs and I am thinking about starting one of them that deals with weight loss and female or hormonal issues. My endocrinologist visit is not for a few weeks so as of now I just have to be patient and do what I can.

The past few days have been good in terms of my caloric intake. I am aiming around 1300 - 1350 daily and so far it is going well although my weight loss is not what I hoped for. I just need to be PATIENT!

Back to the change of plan. Here is my new schedule for the next few days. Like anything in life, this too can change :)

Wednesday - ST upper body and core along with a 5 mile easy run/walk
Thursday - Yoga Max
Friday - ST upper body and core along with a 5 mile easy run/walk
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Rest - My husband is FINALLY coming home today!!!!!!
Monday - 16 mile run.....wish me luck on this one! My first long run in 2 weeks.
Tuesday - ST upper body and core
Wednesday - Run/walk 4 miles
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 20 miler!!!
Sunday - Rest, Rest, Rest, Rest, Rest and Rest!!! :)


Jackie said...

Sounds like a good plan, good luck with it :)

Tigerlilly said...

I wanted to share a link with you. I know you like your shakes and was wondering if you have ever tried Body by Vi shakes?? I am starting my 90 day challenge on them.. but think you might be interested in them too. Check it out on my blog... or here

Milan said...

I pray you get a good report!

I love my endocrinologist he found my PCOS tumor and several other problems.

Miss Ambition said...

I just wanted to stop in and say how much I enjoy your blog. It is so inspiring!! I've been meaning to comment for forever now (I've been stalking instead, lol) but finally just got my own blogger account. I can only hope to have a blog as super-fantastic as yours!!!

Anonymous said...

Was introduced to SMART goal setting in my health and wellness class. Seems like common sense, but was surprised at how little I used it.