Tuesday, September 04, 2012

9/4 Results.

I am posting a bit early today as I have a great deal of things to get done later on and my little girl is sleeping now so I am trying to get all my online stuff done before she gets up and we head out to the store.  I have pre-logged my foods for tonight and if I sneak an extra piece of dark chocolate in after dinner, I will be sure to let you know tomorrow! :)

Workout - Core work and an easy walk

Walk on tread - 25 mins, just an easy pace to stretch my legs and clear my head.
Core - about 45 mins of core work with pilates. I am feeling it in my lower back which tells me I need to do more....

Nutrition -

M1 - Natural PB on a rice cake, Greek yogurt with flaxseeds, coffee with skim milk
M2 - A small cup of scrambled eggs, quorn and kale with hot sauce
M3- Red kale, grilled salmon, avocado and balsamic dressing
M4- Natural PB on a rice cake
M5 - Greek yogurt with almonds and homemade applesauce


M6 - Protein shake with strawberries, spinach and kale with a side of grilled salmon and veggies
M7 - 88% dark chocolate :) A piece....or two!

Tomorrow morning I am heading to the gym for a 6 mile run along with ST.  Hope everyone has a fantastic day and you reach all your goals.


Anele @ Success Along the Weigh said...

Looks like a great day on tap! Enjoy your day with your lil nugget and keep up the great work! Hope you're feeling better. ;)

Milan said...

Hi I don't know how to say this except well to say it...

I use to eat Quorn & I started to not feel well at all!!!

I found an article on I believe Michael Pollan's site about it.

It is NOT made from mushrooms it is made from a fungus which some people can't eat.

I know mushrooms are a fungi but they are a God made fungi not made in a chemical lab.

Do some research on-line on Michael Pollan's web-site he has a great article about Quorn.

I was shocked when I read what Quorn is really made from!

I use to over train and some times my body would just say no so I was reading my Bible oneday and the first verse I read while I was upset at myself was, "all things in moderation!"

I would rather be fit and healthy with no injuries than to over train. Just sharing my experience.

You have been a true inspiration for me getting back on track again. Thank you & congrats on the run and keep on keeping on. ~Prayers & blessings feel better!