Sunday, September 23, 2012

Daily Results. 9/23

Crazy short blog tonight, I am super tired! I have not been sleeping the past few nights and it is catching up with me.

No workout for today although we went to Melshei and walked and hiked the trails for about 45 mins to an hour which burned calories but I am not counting it towards miles or my caloric burn. It was just a good day of fun with my girl exploring and trying to collect more pine cones!

Tomorrow is ST with a 4 to 6 mile run/walk. My knee is hurting a bit from today but I am sure with ice and rest it will be fine for tomorrow. Icing as we speak...

Total calories consumed today - 1,343
Calories burned - did not log but I was active

Have a blessed night!


Anonymous said...

I and my hubby live on over 100 acres. One of our favorite things to do is go on a non-workout hike.

We discover so many things that we have walked by a thousand times & never noticed. Like the other day we found a cluster of resurrection flowers.

Yesterday we found two baby deer and one walked right up to me & it still had it's spots. Cutest thing ever!

Enjoy seeing the world through your daughters eyes, get some rest and tomorrow hopefully you'll feel much better after a good night of sleep.

Kay said...

Making great memories while being active! You can't beat that! :)