Monday, September 03, 2012

Back on least I hope so.

There are about a million things I want to share in this post but I really and truly do not know where to start. This is both a time of great achievements for myself and a time of struggle. I am running better than ever before despite my knee issues and yet at the same time I am constantly battling something that is going on with my body....what it is, we still do not know. I have days where my energy is high and my mood is normal and then there are days where I feel as if I am walking through mud and I have no motivation to continue on. This is the harsh reality I am facing right now. I feel as if there is no balance. I feel as if I am letting so many people down and I am not allowed to struggle or somehow I am not allowed to be going through this. It is hard....

I have changed a few things in my diet that seem to be helping with my overall energy and so I am hoping that things will start looking up. Saturday I had one of the best runs ever. It was my 16 miler....which I am going to write a another blog about it all...with details, but needless to say, I did very well and I felt amazing ( finished 2:44 with a big smile).....and ALL DAY, my energy was on fire, far more than the days before. It was as if I was a changed person.

I am taking a few blends for my Thyroid and my Adrenals along with trying to eat certain foods that will help boost my Serotonin levels. I hope this helps....something seems to be working though today has been quite hard. Very hard in fact. I guess it is just barrier that I am going to have to bust through, but I am not giving up!

For today, I wanted to list my training for this week along with my meals for today. I HAVE to get back tracking as it is key for me and now that I am dealing with this energy issue, we need to see what is working and what I need to change. Below are my main nutrient goals.....

1. Make sure I have a good source of protein with each meal.
2. For my marathon training - make sure I am fueling properly 2 days prior to my long runs.....this last week I had great success with adding in fruits as my main carb source ( bananas, blueberries, apple and pineapple) along with a good amount of nuts.
3. Make sure I am drinking at least 3 to 4 L of water
4. Log foods on DailyBurn site along with here to increase accountability

Workouts for this week -

Monday - Yoga and PT work
Tuesday - Incline walk on the tread with cross training either on bike or elliptical along with core work
Wednesday - 6 miles steady and light ST
Thursday - Yoga and PT work
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 18 miler - goal time is less than 3:15...I would be so happy with this! We will see what happens :)

Meals for today 9/3 - I pre-logged my evening meals...

M1 - Turkey and kale meatloaf......crazy I know but I was craving it ;) Espresso with skim milk and dark chocolate :) It was one of those days......
M2 - Scrambled eggs with Quorn and spinach
M3 - protein shake with 1/2 apple
M4 - Bell peppers and cucumber
M5 - Grilled salmon with a protein shake
M6 - Yogurt with flaxseeds and almonds

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Anele @ Success Along the Weigh said...

You're not letting anyone down. This journey is not perfect and we all know it. Sharing your struggles just lets us all know that you're being real about it and that's a good thing! I hope you get some answers to your energy slump soon and glad to see you're doing what you can in the meantime to help it along!