Monday, September 10, 2012

9/10 Results...

Nutrition for today - Pre-logged evening meals...

M1 - Tuna and egg salad over greens. Espresso with Skim milk
M2 - Rice cake with Natural PB
M3 - Apple, greek yogurt and almonds.
M4 - Ground turkey with kale, peppers and mushrooms. Another latte with skim milk
M5 - Protein shake with strawberries and almond milk.  1 large grapefruit
M6 - Another protein shake.....IF needed or rice cake with PB and you can be sure there will be a small but amazing piece of dark chocolate consumed as well

Workout for today - Yoga and rest. My leg is still sore from my treadmill fall and the 18 miler on Saturday so I am taking a few days to just relax and let my body heal. 

I am blogging about my marathon training today and I will have the blog up sometime tomorrow with photos from my various runs. I am running behind on my postings as I seem to be so busy these days. I like it, more activities for Kayla and I....more amazing memories to be made!


Anele @ Success Along the Weigh said...

Looks like a good day planned! Can't wait for the running blog. So proud of you! Rest up, buttercup!

Catherine said...

Hi I was wondering what kind of protein do you use? I have been looking for one that wont make me gain weight. If you have any recommendations that would be great. Thanks!!