Thursday, September 20, 2012

Daily results...

My run went well today. I walked for the first few minutes then started running slowly, building my speed throughout the run. I ended up with a total of 6.5 km at a 10:33 AP. I will take it for now. 39 days until the marathon!!!

Here are my foods for the day.

Water - 160 oz
M1 - 1/4 cup oats, one piece of spelt bread with 2 eggs and a latte.
M2 - rice cake with natural PB
M3 - 1/2 apple and recovery drink....Energy Lab Nutrition Armor.
M4 - a few bites of Spelt pasta....about 1/4 cup penne with marinara sauce. Grilled chicken over mixed greens with avocado, slivered almonds and blue cheese with balsamic dressing. One piece of bread with a couple of pieces of turkey, mustard and more avocado.
M5 - Greek yogurt with apple and flaxseeds.


Anele @ Success Along the Weigh said...

Sounds like you had a good run. Take it easy on yourself as you build back up.

Kay said...

Great job!

I was a little shocked when I saw how much water you drank. I drink about 64 ounces everyday. Were you drinking more because you ran or do you always drink that much? Just wondering if I should up my intake!


Anonymous said...

Whoo hooo 39 days and counting!

Jen I remember you said in one of your blogs that we just need to kick the pebbles out of our way to get over the mountain.

Looks like your kicking it! Great job on the run. Keep following your dreams one step and run at a time.

Jen's Journey said...


I have always tried to drink at least 128 oz a day but somedays I drink more.

This is just something I have done for years, for me, it works but everyone is different.