Saturday, September 22, 2012

Daily Results. 9/22. Priceless memories with my girl....

I cannot tell you just how much I loved my time with my baby girl today. I normally blog about things like this on our family blog but I just had to share what a beautiful day it was for me.

This morning we were outside playing at the playground area which is next to our house. After we had played for awhile, I asked her if she wanted to go see the trees behind us and if she wanted to go exploring!! We headed up the hill behind our house to go to the lookout area just above our house. It is a steep, but short climb. She charged up the hill and after some time I asked if she wanted to take a break. She did not stop. Instead she began running up the hill. She was NOT stopping! I have to admit, I was very proud. We made it to the top and as we were exploring the rocks and pine cones, she proceeded to lay down and it was then I realized just how tired the hike made her. After a short break she was ready to go again! We went into the trees and found a fort! She called it the Daddy fort!! We also found some amazing red mushrooms that looked like something out of Alice and Wonderland! I have never seen mushrooms like this, it was really special getting to see all of this with her.

We walked and talked about all that we were seeing and it was in this moment I realized that most Saturday mornings I am out on a long run and I do not get to have this time with my girl. Yes, I am with her every day but today was special. It was our Mommy and Kayla exploring day!! My husband is in the US for this week so it was special to have made these memories together and it helps me feel less lonely when he is gone. I cannot wait to take my husband to the Daddy fort when he gets home. I know Kayla will be ready to go exploring again. At one point we came up to a dead end if you will and there was a large rock. I said, "what are we going to do?" "How are we going to get over the rock?" Without prompting, she began to try and climb over the rock!!!! That is MY girl. She is one determined little girl and I was so proud to see a fighting spirit in her today.

After we collected as many pine cones as we could carry, we headed home and it was not until the end she wanted to be carried.  We made it home...our pine cones and sticks in hand (she had a small little stick to match the one I was carrying ) and my heart was filled with such joy. Sometimes I can be in such a hurry to teach her everything. ABC's, 123's, colors, shapes etc....but for today, it was about being together and making memories. On the way home we were singing and laughing and my world felt complete.....almost.  The man who usually holds my other hand was missing. I felt it to my core. Things are just not the same when we are not together as a family. I think this is the biggest blessing of all.

So my day was just about as perfect as can be. I wish she could stay little forever. My little buddy and me.

Here are some memories from our day together.....

                                                     My girl in the Daddy Tent!

                                                              Exploring the forest.

                                                         Resting on a rock at the top

Overlooking Kayla's play area and harbor of Sandnes down below. I love living up here. The views are amazing!! I wish I could have played here when I was a child. She is blessed.

These are some of the crazy, awesome mushrooms we found. I did not let her touch them though....was not sure what they were, but they look great.

                                           On our way up to the top from the playground

And now my workout results. Far less important than the above!

Total calories burned - 640
Total calories consumed - 1,585

Morning workout - 5km on the tread - 29 mins with a short set of ST in between.
Bosu ball push ups - 50 reps
Bicep curl to shoulder press using a 33 lb weighted plate with squats - 50 reps

Afternoon workout - 2 km walk/run on the tread as a warmup - 16 mins
Bicep curls to shoulder press with squats - 50 reps with 10 lb Db's
Wood chops holding a 22 lb weighted plate
Standard military push ups - 50 reps
Assisted pull ups - 3 sets of 5 reps

                                              Post workout...sweaty and happy as can be!!


Methinks said...

What lovely photos!

You were right not to let your daughter touch those mushrooms. They're beautiful, but they're very very poisonous.

We had them in Russia and we were taught as children to never ever pick them :)

They're more edible if you make them as decoration out of a peeled, hardboiled egg for a stem, half a tomato on top o the egg (cut side down) for the cap and dots of mayonnaise on top of the cap.

Denise said...

She is so big! When did that happen? What a fun adventure for the two of you.

dupster said...

What a beautiful little girl. Thanks for sharing your very special time with her, made me feel all warm and happy inside! You are both blessed!