Thursday, June 04, 2009

Workout Results 6/4

I had a good ride and swim today, nothing ground breaking but I did manage to hold a good long 20 -24 mph on some straights today on my ride. I hit a few steady inclines that gave me a bit of a challenge so I had to drop my speed and averaged 11- 15 mph on the tough spots. Overall I did well and managed to pull at 17.5 mph on my first ride despite all the stop signs. The second ride was more of a recovery/cool down ride home. My swim was good today, I kept the first 300 light and then swam about 75% max effort for the rest. I am trying to balance getting in a few more workouts before race without over doing anything. Tonight I am heading out for a long walk and some pilates as well as the dreaded foam roller! I just cannot stand that thing but I know I have to do it for my ITB. Some of you may have noticed I am not logging my calories consumed on this blog as well as my food blog but I am playing around with race week nutrition. I do not want to have too large of a caloric deficit the week of my races. I am still eating well and keeping it light but it is something I am experimenting with, and I will be back logging as usual on Monday after my race.

Off to work in my garden! Hope everyone has a great day! Keep going STRONG!

Totals for the day -
Time - 127 mins
Calories burned - 1,108

Workout 1 - 600 yard swim freestyle
Time - 12:42 mins
Calories burned - 145

Workout 2 - 17.03 mile ride
Time - 60.71
Calories burned - 628

Ride 1 - 12.01 miles @ 75% of max effort - avg mph 17.5 with stop signs
Ride 2 - 5.02 miles @ 60% of max effort/recovery ride - avg mph - 15.1 mph with stop signs

Workout 3 - Evening walk - 3.25 miles
Time - 53:10 mins
Calories burned - 335


Lori said...

Great work out!

Bren said...

HEY JEN.... looking forward to hearing about your weekend. I have some fabulous blooms going on in my garden - Stop by and see me!