Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Workout Results 6/2

I kept things light today. I had aerobars, a water bottle to place between aerobars and a mph/cadence computer put on my bike today!! It was fun riding with them but a bit scary as your stability is quite different. I will need to get used to this type of riding but as of now I am enjoying them! I only made it up to 20 mph on the bars and just over 24 mph off of them. So I need a bit of practice before I can go faster and feel safe. If anyone uses aerobars and has any tips, please let me know!!

My run today was super short and slow, due to my knee. I did not want to over do things as my race is in 5 days ( hard to believe). I did a walk/run combo for a mile after my ride. My swim today was a slower one as well. 900 yards of steady strokes where I was really focusing on extending my stroke as well as my pull. All in all, it was a great day of easy, fun stuff along with a chance to burn more calories!

Thanks SO much for all the comments regarding my last race! Keep pressing on!

Totals for the day -
Time - 69 mins
Calories burned - 941

Workout 1 - Morning swim 900 yards
Time - 19.39 mins ( with rest b/n free and pull set) Total time - 21:50 mins
Calories burned - 234

600 free - 13:08 mins
300 pull - 6:31 mins

Workout 2 -
Total time - 49 mins
Calories burned - 707
11.22 mile bike ride - first ride with aerobars!!! Avg speed - 16.9 mph Max speed - 24.3 mph/ Time - 39.46 mins
Post ride run - 1 mile - walk/run due to knee - 10:27 mins


erin said...

I don't have any tips because I didn't even know what aerobars are until I Googled them just now! LOL I bet you'll get the hang of them in no time, though!

Jen's Journey said...

LOL! Erin, don't feel bad - I had to do allot of googling with all this stuff too when I first got into the sport!

Ironman RN said...

The key to aerobars is to get them set-up perfectly for you...takes a bit more than just "throwing them on" the bike. After that it is practice, practice, practice. Your back and neck may be sore for a bit initially but that will reside with comfort...sometimes up to a year+ of riding with them. STRONG core helps relieve/minimize also.
New blogger, but loving your site. Training for 1st Ironman in SEPT.

Atone said...

do you have a good source for aerobars? I've never tried them