Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Workout results 6/23

This morning I felt pretty good starting off for my ride. By the time I started to run however, I felt sick and my stomach was cramping something fierce. I pressed through the first mile and pulled a 9:40 mm, not bad but it is still one minute slower than last week. By mile 2 I had to walk and did so all the way home with short burst of jogging in between. I only covered 2.1 miles and it was not fun, I just felt terrible. I know you have good days and bad but this was by far my worst run ever. My swim this afternoon went well, which felt good as I was down from my run this morning. I am enjoying swimming in the natatorium here which has a 50 m pool.

I am hoping to get in another run tonight once it cools down, if that is even possible! LOL! I will come back later to post those results. Despite my hard run this morning I am happy with my overall results from the day, I pressed on and worked hard, what more could I ask for!

Daily goals - All goals reached for the day!!!
1. Drink 1 gallon of water - done
2. Take all vitamins and supplements - done
3. PT stretches/ foam roller - done
4. Stay within calorie range - done 1,895 calories consumed
5. Ice my knee - done

Totals for the day -
Time - 89 mins
Calories burned - 1,002

Workout 1 - Bike/Run
Time - 71 mins
Calories burned - 801

Brick- Bike 11.57 miles/ 40.02 mins
AMPH- 17.3 mph MMPH- 24.8 mph
Run/walk - 2.10 miles 23.38 mins/ avg pace - 11.16 mm
Mile 1 - 9:40 mins
Mile 2 - 1.1 miles - 13:48 mins ( felt sick had to walk)
Total time includes, ride with stop signs, transitions, run/walk and cool down

Workout 2 - Swim Freestyle (900 meters - .56 mile) at the natatorium with 50 meter pool.
Time - 18.22 mins
Calories burned - 201

300 m free - 6:15 mins
5 x 100 m free - All negative splits - yippie!
2:13 mins
2:09 mins
2:05 mins
2:04 mins
1.57 mins
Cool down - 100 m free slow - 2:19 mins


erin said...

I think it's possible that it will cool down. In October. LOL I am sorry your run was hard today; I hope you can get in a better one soon!

Marlene said...

Bummer about the tough run... I know they can't all be good but it still hurts when they REALLY suck. Great workout numbers for the day, though. Good luck if you decide to tackle another run!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Hey Jen! I hope you felt better later today and were able to shake off that run you had earlier. It was hot outside - I think you are racing this weekend, GOOD LUCK! :)

MAJL said...

I hope you feel better Jen. Obstacles help us to go big or go home as they teach us to be stronger and nudge us to keep pushing on! I am sending you all my support and positive thoughts this morning!

TX Runner Mom said...

Sorry you had a tough run. That happens. I am praying the the summer goes by quickly (but not too quickly) and that October cool fronts are here before we know it.

Anonymous said...

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