Monday, March 26, 2012

March Update...

March totals as of this morning -

Miles - 96.71/100
Pushups - 1,481/2,000

All is well here!! I am doing very well with my runs and my workouts. I really hope to press hard the next couple of days before we leave for Kayla's birthday trip!! I still cannot believe she is about to be 2. I am so overwhelmed with emotion at times just thinking about how fast everything is going. It really does feel like yesterday I was blogging on here about my pregnancy workouts.  I love this time with her though as she is so fun to watch as she explores the world around her in a very special way!

After Saturday's long run, I was down a bit but I feel better now. My calf is still hurting.....strange as I took yesterday off. I talked with my aunt....the elite runner and physician and I am not to do any hills for 1-2 weeks. I am hoping it will help. I am concerned though on one thing. It is a girl thing.....heels! I have all my boots ready for our trip and I was thinking how it is going to be hard on my calf when I am walking around all day on cobblestones in high boots, then taking off to run in the evenings. Not sure what I am going to do as of yet. I think for Disneyland Paris I will wear my running shoes as that will be the most walking we will do. The other cities around Europe will be via trains and we are renting a car for part of the Alscae region and Switzerland. I just do not want to mess my calf up any further...........for those wondering what on earth I am talking about, on Saturday I had to stop at 11 miles as my right calf cramped up BAD and I could not even walk for a bit after. Then I stretched it out and walked another 5.25 miles and it seemed better but it is still very tight. I have been doing a great amount of hill work........running on toes......and I think it may be a strain.  My splits and info on my run can be found on my dailymile log to the right of this blog. But my AP for the run was 10:11......I was happy with this but I wanted to keep running! Cardio wise I was blazing even at mile 11. It was frustrating but I just hope my calf is ok! So it is FLAT running for me for the next few weeks. Not sure how this will workout as we are going to the Alps! :) I may need to just walk and pick up my long runs when we get back and I can run along the water where it is flat. I do think I can get some good runs in while in Paris as it is pretty flat there.  It will be fun to see where I can run throughout our trip!

Back to the vacation and my goals.......

As much as I love traveling, I have learned how important it is to have a plan and to set goals prior to leaving. There are so many amazing treats that one could easily lose control and come back far off track. So, I am setting goals and trying to keep my marathon training on track while we are gone.

We are going to a region of Europe with GOOD food......and I do mean GOOD!! I am a bread NUT and I go crazy for cheese so  I am going to have to really watch it when we are in France or I am just going to have to get out there and run daily :) Goat cheese is my weakness....not chocolate, not hamburgers.......goat and feta cheese! Mouth is watering now......

So, I will be posting my totals this week before we leave and I hope to meet my push up goal by the first of April......then a new challenge begins!!!! I am going for 120 miles the month of April and probably another 2,000 pushups.......maybe a few more goals as well.

Hope all is well with everyone! Thanks as always for your support!!!!


Stephanie said...

Your push up goals are amazing! You have such determination! I hope you have some amazing runs this week!

The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

Have you had a deep tissue massage done on your legs? You're doing a lot of training and that might help loosen things up.

I'm sure you'll do wonderful on your vacation! Can't wait to see pics!

Runner Girls said...

I am curious as to what you are doing to protect your knee. I am having some knee problems myself.Thanks Paula

BreazyJ said...

I am new to your blog but everything I have seen and read so far is bursting with inspiration. Jen you are truly amazing!

Two years ago I set out to complete my own first marathon and did it Oct 2011. But along the way I pulled my calf muscle and it felt like a sudden charlie horse that I couldn’t shake off. I am no expert, but if you have access to a physical therapist I would rush there ASAP. Mine happened a month prior, but without the physical therapist's help I would not have been able to complete my goal. The benefit is that they give great sport massages to your sore muscles and give you the exercises you need to be strong and recover.

Have a lovely vacation! Your trip sounds amazing 