Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Day 7 of challenge is here....I am ready!!

March totals as of 3/6 -

Miles - 31/100
Pushups - 650/2,000

3/6 Workout results -
JWTS dvd - 40 mins with added ST and pushups - 100 reps
26 mins HIIT on bike - 8 miles
3 mile run hills/trail - 33:02 mins
1.03 mile sprint/hill intervals - 10:31 mins

Yesterday I really pushed hard which I am happy about but I will be honest, today I am really feeling the run last night.

Prior to my run I did Jackie Warner's time saver dvd which I liked but I will say that I think Cathe is more challenging but I enjoyed it and will do it again. I added in more pushups and extra ST with heavy weights for an added challenge. During the DVD I used 10 lb and 5 lb Db's as she performs many reps.......which I loved. I also added in some bicep work on the side. I did 2 sets with10 reps of two arm hammer curls with 20 lb DB's then I did 2 sets of 10 reps of standard two arm bicep curls with 20 lb DB's. I am so happy to see my strength increasing as it has been! After the ST dvd....which was about 40 mins when you add in the extra work I did, I then headed down stairs for a fantastic 26 mins of HIIT on the bike. I did 8 miles of resistance sprint intervals where my resistance was high and yet I was aiming to keep my RPM above 100 then I would recover and start hill intervals and repeat over again. It was a great challenge!

I wrote this on my dailymile log but if there is one thing I learned last night it is the all runs are NOT created equal. Running off trail is very, very hard. It is uneven and your knees, ankles and lower back really take a beating. My back is hurting something fierce today. Last night was hard. I took some Alive and 2 hot baths but could not sleep all night as I was in so much pain. Trust me, nothing would make me happier than to write and say that I am so strong and fit that it did not phase me but I was not prepared for this kind of running. Your stride changes and it makes for a whole body challenge.

The second half of my run was fantastic. SO many of the trails here are properly marked and have a wide gravel surface and it is a pleasure to run on. It was only because I thought for some strange reason I could be a Norwegian Viking and branch off onto the unknown that I am feeling the way I am this morning. I just got caught up in the wide open spaces behind where we live and it looked inviting! No trails, rocks, high grass and uphill leading to an amazing view of the North Sea! How could I not give it a try! Chances are I will be out there again :) It was just so much fun.

Most of the run was either uphill or on trails leading throughout the area. I am finding more and more it is hardest on my knees running downhill, maybe this is something I just need to work on.....not sure. Regardless, I loved every minute of last nights run. After my 3 miles I began sprint and hill intervals. There is a higher hill behind us which begins in front of my house and continues around to the back. I would start sprinting down the street then continue to sprint uphill to the top, then stop and walk to catch my breath, then run again around and down the street to begin another interval. The total distance was 1.03 miles and it gave me 3 intervals. It was a stellar way to end my run and to finish off what was a fantastic day of fitness.

Today is Yoga and Core day! SO thankful for this :)

This mornings fuel was quinoa flakes, ground flaxseeds, apple, chia seeds and raspberries! Great stuff!

Make this day your BEST! What are your goals for this day?


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Chris Pine said...

Glad to see you sprinting up hills.

I have found hill sprints to be my absolutely favorite exercise. They are so fun to do, and they have made my hips powerful.

As you said, I have also found uphill to be the easiest on my knees and joints compared to flat and downhill.