Monday, March 05, 2012

March Pushup and Miles Challenge...

This challenge is straight to the point. Run, walk, hike, climb, bike, crawl if needed as many miles as I can this month! I do not care about the scale....I am not worried about measurements this month or even BF%. It is just about getting out there and hitting the pavement and doing my best!

My goal is to get in at least 100 miles but I will aim for more! :)

March total as of today - 19/100 miles

In addition to running etc....I am adding in another pushup goal. I cannot tell you the difference pushups have made in my ST routine.

Pushup totals as of today -  520/ 2,000 reps ( NO knees....only standard military, triceps, close grip etc...)

There you have it! I am off to a great start this month ;)


Maryanne said...

I eagerly await each of your posts from my home in Australia. I love and absorb your motivation, and implement this in my own life as much as I can!

I am 14 weeks post op from a patellar reconstruction (coming from twice a day exerciser to initially bound to bed for nearly 3 weeks), to now where all my exercise is rehab ( a concept i currently feel will last forever even though I know only a medium amount of time).

Please keep posting as you do - ITS GREAT!

God bless Maryanne

Mindy said...

I love this goal! I'm doing this too! 100 miles? we got this!