Sunday, March 18, 2012

My marathon dream. 70 days from now it will come true!

I have always wanted to run a marathon. I have completed several half marathons and triathlons but never a full 26.2 miles. Today was supposed to be the moment I have longed for. Today, was the Rome Marathon. I was registered, flights and hotels were booked since last year all before we knew we were moving to Norway. During the move my training got far off schedule and I did not want to overtrain and hurt my knee. I was feeling a bit down that I was not going to make it to Rome, however after giving the decision a great deal of thought, I was confident that I was making the right choice. Many of you remember the problems I have had with my right knee and the pain it has caused me. I remember my Ortho telling me to be smart about my training as I did not want to have a knee replacement at 40. And so, I did my best to make the smart decision and aim for another race later on so that I would have more time to train properly. 

I have not given up my marathon dream. Rome will be there next year along with a few others I am looking forward to running and I have other races before me this year that I need to focus on.  In many ways my next race will be of even greater importance and significance than Rome.  I am currently registered for my next marathon. We are fully, hotels. etc... and I am well into my training. And so in 70 days, on my 35th birthday, May 27th, I will be running my first marathon in Edinburgh, Scotland!

The Edinburgh Marathon festival is taking place the weekend of the 25th - 27th and when I found out that the marathon was going to take place on my birthday, it was a MUST that this be my first marathon!!! I cannot tell you how excited we are! We leave for Scotland the 24th and will spend a few days there before and after the race. We were just there in September except it was without our little girl, now we will be able to take her to see everything and the best part is that she will be there to see her Mommy run her first marathon and be with me on my 35th birthday! This is sure to be a birthday I will NEVER forget!

Below is a photo taken of me running Arthur's Seat in Scotland back in September. Little did I know at the time that I would be running my first marathon just below on my birthday! I find it beautiful how God has worked out everything in the best possible way.


Overhauling-Me said...

LOVE the new photos! What a beautiful place to run! Very exciting to run your first marathon ON your 35th birthday! What a blessing and adventure to be able to experience so many different countries right now. Best wishes on your amazing journey! Thanks for showing what CAN be done!

My 45th birthday is Wednesday and I just walked/jogged my first 5k. Huge difference but a wonderful accomplishment for me!

tracstale said...

What a blessing indeed! God sure does provide us what we need and gives us an alternative answer when something doesn't work out the way we thought it might.

So proud of you for planning for your dream athletic event and ON your birthday of all things.

Your blog, attitude and outlook on life continues to inspire me.

The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

Wonderful! I know you're bummed about Rome but like you said, it'll be there next year and your knee is the most important thing. I know it will be a magical birthday for you!