Monday, March 12, 2012

Back to the Clean Program?

Last year I started the Clean Program and loved the results. I am thinking about going back to this type of eating, well with the exception when we go on vacation in a few weeks. I am going to treat myself then :) But other than when we travel, I would like to keep some of the concepts I learned in the program as I found them to be so helpful.

For now I am going to do the Clean program but still consume Greek Yogurt for this week. I am removing wheat and sweeteners like Truvia and Splenda. I think it will help with the bloating I have been experiencing. A few friends are doing a Paleo 2 week challenge and I am motivated to try this as well.....maybe next week. For now I want to experiment if you will and see if removing the wheat and Truvia will help. Today I already feel....and look better. The distention in my belly as gone down quite a bit. We were reading that sugar alcohols like those found in Truvia can cause bloating and I am hoping that it will help me.

This morning I had my Metabolic Reset shake along with a pumpkin pancake made from quinoa and almond meal. It was so good! We made some homemade Almond milk this weekend and I used the left over meal to make pancakes....Kayla loves them!

Goals for today.....

3 mile run - easy along with Barre ST
Make sure I get my 128 oz of water in
VM Green and Earth - Twice
Stay on elimination diet plan this week - No Truvia or Wheat

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Christine & Cole said...

wheat and sugar alcohols are definitely on the list of bloat-inducing! Maybe dairy for some people but I do like my greek yogourt too ;)

There's something about spring approaching that has me looking at cleaning things up a bit more too! No more sweeteners? calorie cycling? so many choices, but eating clean is an easy choice!