Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 13 of challenge! ST and Cardio....

March totals -
Miles - 45.06/100
Pushups - 1,045/2,000

I have to say I KILLED my ST workout this morning! LOVED IT! Today was my heavy lifting day and so for 91 mins I worked as hard as I could, sweat dripping off of me and I loved each and every second!

I did Cathe's Cardio Superset DVD with 10 lb and one 20 lb DB then I used 3 lb DB's while doing the step work and with many of the lunge routines for added resistance.

Here is a look.....the dvd is 62 mins long and I promise you, it works you hard!!!!

I did not do the cool down but instead added more ST and pushups.....here are my results. I was pretty tired as I had already lifted in the DVD, so I did my favorite 50 rep workout. You have several stations of weights and you go from one to the next, each with 50 reps and you try not to rest too long in between. Ultimate 50 reps circuit training I guess ;)

250 pushups - not a single one on my knees! It was a combo of standard military, close grip, solider plank push, diamond. incline with one arm raise and walking pushups.

Two arm hammer curls with squats - 50 reps with 10 lb DB's
Two arm bicep curls - 50 reps with 20 lb Db's
Two arm bicep curls alternating wide and narrow - 50 reps with 10 lb DB's

Seated shoulder press - 50 reps - 28 reps with 20 lb DB's then I burned out and grabbed my 10 lb DB's to complete the 50 reps....new goal - to build up to 50 reps using my 20 lb DBs! :)

Side to side Chops - 50 reps with one 20 lb DB
Horizontal Chops - 50 reps with a 12 lb MB

One arm DB rows - 50 reps for each arm with one 30 lb DB....very proud of this one! Hope to increase weight soon but happy to see I could get out 50 reps per arm at that weight.

Shoulder press with sumo squat - 50 reps with one 20 lb DB

For my nutrition I have pre-logged my meals for the rest of today, though I will probably add in another serving of chicken and maybe an orange.......will see how i feel after lunch. Anyways, here is the link to my nutrition log......

March 13th Nutrition 


The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

Great job girlie! Have you done any measurements lately?

Jen's Journey said...

YES!!! My hips are melting away :) BUT...the hills and ST are working my legs hard! Waist is the same, arms have gone up .25 inch and my legs have as well.......those crazy hill intervals :)

My lower belly has gone down .5 inches just this week.....doing well. I am not weighing in but my clothes are fitting SO well. Loose even :) Happy Jen Here!

Love ya girl :)

The Waite Family said...

I found your picture in Pinterest and I love your blog! So amazing and inspiring. I an starting the clean eating and I cannot wait to do some mud runs I just signed up for!!

Selena said...

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