Saturday, June 09, 2012

Schedule for this next week.....

I have 7 days until my husband comes home and I am going to use this time to truly work as HARD as I can to tone up and lose what I can from now until then. Now, the scale has decided that He and I are no longer friends but my tape measure LOVES me as do my new clothes, so I plan on using them ( along with that stubborn scale) as a means to track my progress this week.

I want to WOW my husband when we gets back!! :)

Fitness Schedule - It might look like less than normal but I am going for toning to lean out and I do not want to workout so hard I get all puffy. Those who have had hard leg days or hard ST workouts know what I mean. I LOVE how the higher reps with cardio leans me out without swelling. Now....this is for the short term. To build muscle and to lose FAT you NEED to add in heavier lifting days. But the higher rep workouts like Cathe and a Body Pump style ST works very well for me.

Saturday - Physique 57 and added core work with Cathe. A long walk with hills and if I can a quick 20 mins on the spin bike for PT for my knee.

Sunday - Walk outside if the weather is good, if not on the tread. Aiming for at least 45 mins

Monday - ST with Cathe along with at least 60 mins of running/walking

Tuesday -  At least 30 mins on the bike along with a good 30 min walk with hills

Wednesday - ST with Physique 57 and core work along with my biking for PT

Thursday - Long walk and bike ride for my PT

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Rest.........the day my husband comes home!!!!!

***Obviously my walks will be dependent on the weather. Here in Norway you never know what you are going to get!!! So if it is sunny and warm out, you can BET that I am going to be outside working out. So instead of a Cathe DVD or Physique 57, I will be using my TRX.......

For my nutrition......

I need to remember that GREENS ARE KEY!
Watch my sodium intake
Water, water and more water with LACV
Breads/Grains in the morning then taper as the day goes on
Raw always ROCKS :)
Allow myself ONE treat a my favorite peanut butter, or feta cheese in my salad. I am talking about GOOD treats, NOT crazy ones.

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The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

I don't want to sound like one of those idiots that likes to dole out cliche weight pointers but I'm pretty sure that extra weight is from muscle. I see the weights you lift and the tape measurer and clothes don't lie, that LEAN muscle hot stuff! Feel free to stick your tongue out and tell me to shut it but that's just my theory.

You're already in the smallest size they offer there, you get any smaller and you're going to have to get all of your clothes tailored! ;)