Saturday, June 02, 2012

Feeling somewhat human again. Thank God!

This last week has been so very hard on all of us. We returned back from what was a dream birthday trip and we all got sick! My baby girl had some kind of stomach bug which slowly began the last day on our trip and only got worse when we arrived home. Then my husband became sick the day before he was set to leave for a business trip to Saudi. And finally, I got sick with what felt like a mild case of the flu...body aches, fatigue etc. The good news is that my baby girl has kept down her foods today and she seems to be doing VERY well. Bread, yogurt with oats and her electrolyte drinks seems to be working well for her. My husband called and said while his stomach is still tender he is doing better. The timing of all of this could not have been worse as my husband has a huge schedule of meetings from now until the 16th of June. It is hard without him here. Things are not the same. But we are trying to focus on when we can all be together again.....

I am just so very thankful to God for helping us through this storm. It broke my heart seeing my baby girl so sick. But I KNOW that I KNOW that God was there with us and it is only because of him that we are feeling better and my baby girl is now standing up in front of me dancing to a sesame street video :) Such a beautiful sight to see!

I am back to logging my foods for today which feels good. I cannot wait to get back to a routine. I really do feel that today is the first day I feel encouraged and motivated once again. The windows are open to let some cool fresh air inside and we went to the grocery store this morning which was our first time outside in 5 days!! It was wonderful. It is a lovely day here. Cool....our wind chill is around 44....cold for June!

Here is the view from my living room this morning! SO beautiful.....

Hope everyone has a very blessed day!!


Anonymous said...

So very glad to see y'all are feeling better. Once while on a trip and Kristy picked up a stomach bug (before I knew about GSE) an Indian clerk in an all-night grocery store recommended mashed bananas and plain yogurt which was a big help. Now we always have GSE and fill up on probiotics before going - but sometimes the bugs have a ittle too much muscle and we all just have to use everything we know to get to the other side of it

Wishing you "wellth!" ;-)

Kelly said...

New follower of your blog .. Love it ! You have such an amazing story and transformation! Excited to follow along.

So glad you guys are all on the mend.. nothing worse than being sick, especially the whole family!

Journey to a New Me

The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

So glad to hear you're feeling better and everyone is on the mend. There's nothing worse than being sick. I've got a tender right gland when I swallow right now and I'm praying it's just dehydration since I didn't get in much water yesterday at all.

Now go dance to some Cookie Monster and Elmo!