Sunday, June 17, 2012

I need a strong week...

After taking a few days off, I am longing for a strong week. I am in the middle of my 51 day challenge and while I am doing great, I so desperately want to see better results this week.

My plan is basic, straight to the point.....burn calories, strength training, eat greens, lean proteins and keep moving as much as possible.

Training for this week -

Monday, Wednesday - ST full body circuit with HIIT on tread along with PT on the bike
Tuesday, Thursday - Long walks with some running intervals out on the trails
Friday, Sunday  - ST full body circuit with HIIT on the tread or outside if possible along with PT on the bike
Saturday - Rest

Nutrition for this week -

Focus as usual on greens but really work on adding almonds, avocados get my fat% up overall.
Keep grains to a minimum and only for breakfast ( i.e. oats, oat bran)
Water, water and more water
Keep my apples, cucumbers and peppers out for snacking.
Do not worry too much about calories this tracking just clean eating......I am trying to see if upping my calories will help me bust this insane plateau that I am in right now.

There you have it!!! I am off to crazy tired right now but looking forward to a strong week. It will be interesting to see if this not logging will help me FINALLY see the scale move back down where it was a few months ago. It will be an experimental week but it is worth a try......


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