Monday, June 04, 2012

46 Days to Go! Daily results...

Here I am first thing this morning down stairs in the gym ready for a quick interval set on the treadmill.  My baby girl was sitting behind me drinking her Garden of Life protein shake and watching A Bug's Life. Lol....Mommy's little buddy. The next thing I know she is going to be telling me GO FASTER! Love my time with her. I love that she sees me as active and trying my best. While doing pushups today she was pushing me down laughing as she was adding pressure and weight to was hard I have to tell you. Great training :)

Today was brilliant. Special time with my baby girl, shopping for the cruise, buying smaller sizes than expected....all of it, it was just wonderful.

My fitness today was light, but that is ok as I am still sore from yesterdays first day back to ST. So today was just what I needed. I started off the day with some fasting cardio on the tread, then a few HIIT bodyweight exercises, then a walk while in town with my girl. I also did some core work and 75 military push ups.

Daily totals -
Calories consumed - 1,389
Miles - 2.7 ( aprox via MMR and treadmill)
Pushups - 75

51 day challenge totals as of today -
Miles - 28.2/200
Push ups - 175/2,000 reps
Weight loss - 0/5 lbs


Mary Blitz said...

As usual you rock

The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

A living breathing added resistance band! HA! Keep up the great work!

Cristina said...

I have never seen your article until I was trying to find inspiration to get myself back in shape this past weekend. I sent it to 3 other people who are also in the same boat as me. I love reading your stories and we are a lot alike with the activity in high school and slow weight gain later on. Thank you for posting all this it really is inspiring me and I'm ready to get back up and running!

Courtney said...

A friend just posted your blog on my wall. It's like looking in a mirror! I am in the middle of a journey to lose 124 lbs. So far I have lost 71 lbs. I started using a polar FT4 HRM last year. I post my stats on my blog, and I track what I eat (with weight watchers online). My blog is here:
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if you're curious.