Monday, August 01, 2011

12 pounds by 12 years....

The month I have been waiting for is here!! It is now time to start my 12 by 12 challenge. I could not be more excited about this. In the following days I will post more details but for now my goal is to work hard and lose 12 lbs before my 12th wedding anniversary in December.

Here is a quick picture I took this morning as a starting point for my challenge. I am going to have to really work hard to get these 12 pounds off but I CAN do it! Who knows, maybe I will lose more!

I remember in the spring when I did another 12 by 12 challenge, I lost 25 lbs!!!! It was my challenge to lose 12 lbs by my daughters birthday when she was turing 12 months. It was an incredible motivator and I know this challenge will be no different!!

We have a possible overseas trip coming up in September and I have a feeling the added excitement will propel me even harder to PRESS ON and keep working hard.

Will post more tonight. I am heading out to get my LAST knee injection, YEA!! Cannot wait to be running pain free again SOON!


Christy said...

I know you can so totally do this!!! Behind you 100%

The Mrs said...

I know you'll reach your goals because that's what you do! Hope the knee injection went well and you reap the benefits asap!