Thursday, August 04, 2011

Day 3...MommyFit!

Yesterday's workout was a first and a great deal of fun.  I am quite sure my neighbors think I am crazy as I took my ST to the streets!

After a good 6 mile run/walk Michaela was ready for her nap. As she slept I did a good warm up to Cathe's Cardio Fusion DVD then headed outside for my version of CrossFit.....MOMMYFIT!!!

As the baby monitor was beside me, I worked out in my driveway! All I needed was a 20 lb body bar and a 10 lb medicine ball. I did everything from medicine ball throw downs, body bar curls while walking up and down my street ( I know I must have looked like a nut), medicine pall push holds with cross body mountain climbers, sprints back and forth then carrying the MB over my name it, I did it!! I even went so far to carry a 40 lb bag of dirt around the back and raise it over my head. Yes, it is official, I am crazy. I do not care really. I would rather someone read this and think I was a fitness addict or crazy person than to think I was  wasting my life away sitting on the couch DOING NOTHING!!!

Next time, I plan on taking my TRX and putting it outside along with a few more weights too. I LOVED working out in the heat, sun shinning down on me, dripping in sweat like was amazing!

My total time for yesterday was 152 minutes. 81 mins on the run/walk and 71 HARD minutes of my new MommyFit workout sure to be a hit and coming soon to a neighborhood near you! :)

I was happy to see more of my new DVDs in the mail yesterday! I am expecting one more and could not be more excited to try them all out. We are reorganizing the gym this weekend. We are moving the couch into the study and adding new weights and other things to increase my productivity when working out at home.  I LOVE working out at VillaSport but I do not always have time as a stay at home mom with a little one.  So this gives me the flexibility to have both! I plan on getting to the gym tomorrow and this weekend for sure, I need to get a good swim in and maybe a long ride Saturday morning.

That is about all for now. VERY excited about all the re-organizing we are doing here. Lots of painting, redecorating, new furniture......all fun stuff this fall. Hope to have it all done by Christmas!

Here are a few more of my new DVDS.....

Staying on track this morning with my LACV drink, water with lemon and peach oolong tea! Have not decided what breakfast will be just yet.

My fuel from yesterday....

Almond milk, oats, Ezekiel granola with 1/2 of an apple! Super yummy and one of my favorites!

Avocado over Ezekiel bread and onion with Mrs. Dash fiesta lime seasoning.  Cherries, canteloupe
 and the BEST watermelon...I could eat this all day!

Dinner...Vegan Mexican Chowder. YUMMY! Topped with avocado, lime, mrs dash fiesta lime seasoning, baked blue corn tortillas ( no salt, organic) crumbled on top.

Almond milk, SunWarrior Vegan protein powder, chia seeds, flaxseeds, mango and banana.

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Bekka said...

Great workout! I've thought of doing that and get self-conscious. Heck, maybe i'll give it a whirl. I have tall stairs outside on my deck, they need to be used!!

Thank you for posting your 'eats'. I was going to email you and ask you for some ideas. I'm frustrated with my weight loss stall and need a change in my eating again.

What's in store today??

Jen's Journey said...


Hey girly. SO good to hear from you.

I was in a WL stall a few weeks back, I was doing everything right but things were STUCK! Then it just started happening again so hang in there - I understand how it can feel.

I am reading a new book you might like.....will blog about it....but it is from the Eat Right America program that Whole Foods is doing with Dr. Fuhrman - the book is called Eat for Heath.

LOTS of good recipes in there - most are Vegan but there are some meat dishes using Chicken, Turkey and Fish - no read meat though.

Also there is a new book out called Clean Food I was looking at the other day - thinking about getting it too.

I am going to be posting more recipes on here so check back to see if it gives you any ideas!

Tonight we are doing Salmon, so I will be sure and post what I do!

You are doing P90X right now right? What week are you on? KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!


The Mrs said...

You're a machine! I can't wait until we clean the basement a bit so I can take the dust magnet (heavy bag) off the joist and use it to sling over my shoulder or push along the floor. So I say do what you want and to heck with what the neighbors say. Just make sure you're getting enough fuel in for the mad calories you're burning!

Can't wait to hear what you think of the Ilaria DVD's! (Though Atletica is going to look pretty tame if you're doing cross fit workouts!)

Jen's Journey said... dear friend! You are so sweet. You know more than anyone how hard I am trying - GOODNESS! It will pay off I just know it!

I played the two Ilaria DVDs yesterday, the Althetica looks great! I love the high reps and theme which to me looks so similar to a kettle bell workout - VERY effective. The Powerstrike 5 looks wonderful - I like how serious she is as opposed to there bouncy- off the wall crazy energy type of kickboxing DVDs I have seen.

SHE MEANS BUSINESS!! Love it - she reminds me of Cathe in that way - down to business kind of girl that gives you a serious workout. I am excited about using them as is Micah. Thanks again for introducing me to her!