Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Off to a great start

Day 2 and all is well. I took today off as I was letting my knee rest but my foods etc...were on track.

Two of my new DVDs came in today!! TRX boot camp and my Spinervals DVD! Can't wait to try them out soon!

Not much else to report. Doing well, feeling wonderful and icing my knee this evening while watching my husband workout, which I have to say I like doing :) This is his second workout today! This morning he hit the gym and now workout number two! He is into the whole Tabata thing. I am so very proud of him and all he is doing.

Anyways, here was my food for today!

Avocado and onion over Ezekiel bread, watermelon and a bit of apple.

No photo but I ate 1 piece of Ezekiel bread with Almond butter and honey. Loads of lemon water.....about a gallon, oolong tea and lemon ACV

Shiitake mushrooms and spinach in Mariana sauce over quinoa.

Blueberry, peach,chia shake with metabolic reset and SunWarrior protein powder with almond milk.

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The Mrs said...

Looks good! Go hubby go!