Thursday, August 11, 2011

ITB..pain, stretching, icing and now back to PT.

Another injury blog. Fun. My ITB is feeling yesterdays 120 min workout big time.  I am set to start PT on my ITB once again tomorrow. They are going to try some electro stimulation and ultrasound to see if it helps. If not, I may need another steroid injection. Not happy about this but we will wait and see what happens. I am using the Grid foam roller but today my ITB is worse than it has been in a long time. Not sure why.

I am hoping a good massage will help and so I have a deep tissue scheduled for later today. I am going to try and get some stretching in the steam room while at the gym, the heat always helps so much before or after a massage. I have been icing today and just took a super hot bath before stretching and it seems to be doing a bit better but not where it needs to be.

How I long for the day where I can go a full month and NOT post a single blog about my knee or ITB. I am staying motivated and positive knowing that in time it will get better. I really hope the new PT does a good job. I was in PT back before I was pregnant but my Ortho wants me to try a new place. He says it is great as they work with athletes. Will be sure and report back tomorrow how it goes. My apt is at 9 am so I will either be screaming in pain by 10 or happy as a bird! We will see!!!

So today, no working out, just yoga, stretching and foam rolling. Here's hoping there is a light at the end of the tunnel.........


Becca's Dirt said...

I hate knee pain and I live with it daily. Hope the injections and PT helps.

chiropractor Sydney CBD back pain said...

Hey Becca, why don't you get your knees checked? You don't have to deal with knee pain everyday. A chiropractor should be able to treat you.