Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Going back to where my journey began! 36 days from now....

Another goal. Another dream is before me! I am going back to the city where my journey began. For those who do not know my husband and I moved to Siberia in January of 2006. While there my weight began to spiral out of control far more than in the states. It was May of 2006 when we took a trip to London and Paris. For me this was a dream come true! How I longed to see the sites. After returning home from what was an incredible 2 weeks, we were reviewing the photos and I came across two pictures that left me speechless. How on earth did I let myself go to this degree? Where was the girl I once knew? It broke my heart to see just how big I had become. I chose in that moment to do something about it, and so I did. Fast forward a few years to 2008. We decided to go back to London and Paris once again, this time during the Christmas season and I was overjoyed as I had lost so much weight by that time. My before and after photos were a dream come true. 

Now, several years later, I have lost even more weight and I will be going back to London to take yet another before and after, but this time,  I am far ahead of where I ever thought I could be. I will be standing in front of Buckingham Palace yet again but this time, I will be standing there as a mother, wife and around 100 lbs less than I was in 2006. 

It is very sad that we do not have my highest weight shown in this photo. I was in denial and did not want to weigh in. It might be 115 lbs I have lost since that day, maybe more or less, we will never fully know as I was so ashamed. I wanted to tell myself I was smaller than I was. But May 2006 was definitely my highest weight and I hated who I had become, I could not even look in a mirror without crying. Who was I? I did not even see the Jen I once knew, but now, I am going back to this same location feeling as if I truly have a new spirit and outlook on life as right now, this moment in my life, I am by far the happiest I have ever been! 

Here is the photo that changed my life forever. I could not believe this was me. May 2006.

Here I am now, June 2011. Thinner, happier and ready to reach for more!  

Here is a recent photo of me after running in Paris. May 2011 

Now, I will be adding a running photo in London. The last time it was hard for me just to walk around. How things have changed! 

This is one of the before and afters - 2006 vs 2008. Now it is time for another one!!! Same location, but a very different me!

Just recently in May we went back to Paris and I was able to take some before and afters there as well, what a dream it was for me.....shopping there in the stores buying smaller sizes, walking along the streets of Paris and feeling proud of who I was, not ashamed as I was before. I felt as if I blended in rather than the fat American visiting as I felt back in 2006. I have big goals ahead of me which include both cites along with a few others soon to be discussed, but for now, I am ready to make new amazing memories in one of my all time favorite cities! I cannot wait!

I now have 36 days before we are leave for Scotland and England. We are traveling due to my husband's work and some meetings he is attending, but I will enjoy getting to see the sites while he is at work, then we will have our evenings together which is always nice. There is a gym and indoor pool where we are staying in Scotland so I will enjoy getting to workout during the day to stay on track when gone. This is a good thing because in London there are some AMAZING Indian food restaurants that I cannot wait to go back and visit. One is La Port de Indes....oh my word! I digress....eating in London will be a big treat for me as I have been watching my diet so closely but I can still get vegetarian dishes there which will be nice. I am also excited about running around London. I am going to scout out some good routes to run and take pics!

I am sad that this is the first trip we are taking without our baby girl. I am going to miss her like crazy but I am happy that she will get to spend some time with her grandparents and trust me, they are on top of the world right now!! I think the flight over will be the hardest when I cannot call or check in on her for 9 plus hours when flying. We are flying first to London and a few places in England and then to Scotland to finish out the trip. So it will be just over a week without seeing my girl. The thought of this makes me so sad. I hope we do ok. We have our big anniversary trip in December in which my parents where going to keep her again but if we cannot stay away she may end up going with us! :) I just cannot imagine a morning where I cannot see her face smiling at me or the feeling of a day without a her sweet kisses, hugs and love her for Mommy. I cannot even talk about this.....starting to get emotional. It is important for couples to have time together so we are excited about the getaway, but she is our life. Hope I can do this! :)

So I have 36 days to go and I want more than anything to try and lose 5 or 6 lbs before then. Sounds like an easy task but these days the weight is VERY hard for me to get off.  I am going to give this my all.


The Mrs said...

You have come so far and should be proud of your accomplishments. I think it will be a very special trip for the two of you and while it will be hard being away, it's important for you two to have alone time as well.

Your reason feeling like the "fat American" is the reason I'm not going until I am close to my ultimate goal. I don't want to stick out like a "typical American" there. I want to feel confident. You continue to inspire!

Jessy with a "Y" said...


Jen's Journey said...

Thank you both!

Mrs...my dear, sweet friend. YOU are my inspiration. I know I tell you this all the time but please know I mean this with all my heart.

And you WILL be there someday shopping away!

I think we both know how it feels to have a trip that motivates you.....little miss Hawaii 2012 :) Now THAT is going to be one amazing trip and you WILL reach all your goals, I just know it!

Becca's Dirt said...

Excited for you Jen. Gosh what a before and after pic. I almost didn't recognize you girl. I don't know how you're gonna make it with Michaela staying behind with the grandparents. Your gonna miss her but the renunion will be so sweet.

Eve said...

So happy for you!!! And how great you are coming to Scotland!! Where in Scotland are you staying??? I live in Glasgow - how amazing if i ran into you!! =)

Jen's Journey said...

Thank you Eve!!

I am VERY excited about Scotland, my husband has been before a few times but I was never able to go as I was in school.

We are staying in Aberdeen, then hoping to take the train to Edinburgh before heading back to London.

Any tips or advice on traveling there - I am all ears!!!

Cheers and many thanks for stoping by!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING!! You are such an inspiration!

Eve said...

Hey Jen! I've never been to Aberdeen but Edinburgh is great! Though the city is in an upheaval because they were in the process of putting the tram cars back on the road - which has been a major FAIL! lol

Definitely stop by Edinburgh Castle and the Zoo - both awesome places!!

Oh, and I would watch a few youtube videos of Scottish people talking - in my experience not a lot of Americans (or anyone outside Scotland for that matter!) can understand what we're saying! lol But you'll probably be fine!


Katrina said...

You lucky girl. I can't wait to hear all about your trip. I would love to travel and love to hear about it.

I know you will miss your daughter terribly but it is nice too to spend quality time as husband and wife.

Dana aka Smiley88 said...

Your before & after photos are amazing! And, what amazing backgrounds!!! I hope you have a wonderful trip.

We were in Scotland 3 years ago, in Edinburgh, and LOVED it. It's so beautiful!!! Have a wonderful time!

BrendaKaye said...

Those pictures are really amazing! Congratulations on such a big accomplishment and an inspiring journey!

Margaret Rossi said...

OMG!! I really shouldn't have read this blog at work!! I am a blubbering idiot right now!! LOL! Such a sweet & poignant piece! Thanks so much for the time you put into sharing this!! I started to tear up at the weight loss success part, even though I have read & know your journey/story by heart!! But, when I got to the "leaving your little one" part, I just started to cry!! I feel for you, Girl! I am SO NOT ready to leave my baby. Hopefully, with time.....but I have thought of it on occasion, & I am definitely not there, yet. he he. So, I totally understand your pain! So wonderful that you are getting away together on a lovely trip! You will do great! You always do!! You are one of the strongest, most remarkable women I know!!

Lindsay said...

I lived in England for a year, and I was the fat American. I was already a beacon because of my accent and moreso because of my weight.

I can't wait until I can go back and see all of my friends and feel like I 'belong'. England is my heart.

I'm so excited for you to be able to realize all of the changes that you've made.

I'm not sure I ever told you, but last year sometime, I found this blog through your account at SP. I read every entry. From your struggles in Siberia, watching the man run around the soccer field, your 3 trialthalons is less than a month, your moving back to the states...all of it. And it inspired me to no end. I can honestly say, that you're one of the reasons that I'm still going, because whenever I think that I can't keep going, yours is one of the stories that I read, again.

Your life seem so full and that's what I want for my own life.

Enjoy your time with your husband and discover a city that has new posibilities for the new you.

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Your going to be so beautiful and have a lovely time.

Im sure you will bring back lots of goodies for the little princess.....your amazing!

RedHead said...

I've been keeping up with your blog for some time now and have never seen that before picture.....What an amazing transformation!!!! You look so amazing! And to be able to maintain, have a baby, get back on track.....Inspirational! I'm currently in the process of trying to lose another 40 but it's just become so difficult for some reason. But each time you post something on your blog, you're always succeeding so it's helping me out!! Keep up all the good work! YOU LOOK FREAKING FANTASTIC!!!

Sahar74 said...

Dear Jen,
You are truly an inspiration to me , you are one of the reasons that I have started my diet on July 22 2011 after my both sisters shared your story with me , so thankk you and I am so happy for you . Try to enjoy your time alone with your husband .

beach_bum said...

What an amazing before and after picture!! You look incredibly healthy and happy. : ) Your words (about the 'before' picture) sound exactly like what I just said when I saw a picture of myself recently - how on earth can that possibly be me?? I am now in the process of changing my ways...I so want to be like the healthy person I see in your 'after' pic! Thanks for sharing your inspirational story ~ you give me hope that it's not impossible.