Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Cathe's New Low Impact Series along with a few favorites!

Just what I need for my knee! I am always worried about HIIT and other high impact workouts....Insanity etc....this looks as if it is just what I could use as a good ST and cardio workout that will not hurt my marathon and tri training this fall.  The series has 10 DVDs and I cannot wait to try them out!

Here is a quick look.....

I have ordered a few new DVDs which should be coming in the next couple of days, one of which is Cathe's 4 day split.  I first looked at getting this when it came out a few years back when I was living in Russia but never ordered it. I am VERY excited about this one, and happy to be getting back to my Cathe workout days! Her Butts and Guts DVD along with Drill Max helped me shed 70 lbs back in my Siberia days and I am forever thankful. She is by far my favorite instructor and puts forth such a great product.

Here is a look at Cathe's 4 day split workout DVD along with my FAVORITE two workout DVDs ever! Butts and Guts and Drill Max!! If you are looking for a boot camp type workout along with some SERIOUS toning of the lower body, I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

Cathe's 4 day Split - Boot Camp, Kick, Step and Weights

Cathe's Butts and Guts DVD - My favorite! I am serious....TRY THIS OUT!!

Cathe's Drill Max DVD - Another favorite!

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