Saturday, May 09, 2009

Workout Results 5/9 and Training Schedule for 5/10 - 5/17

Today I am out in my garden and taking it easy. I did get a nice morning bike ride in, the perfect way to end a hard week! I am feeling really good today, not sore or too tired. Tomorrow my husband is coming home so I am taking the day off to spend with him, so my workouts will resume on Monday.

Totals for today - Easy morning bike ride
Time - 30 min
Calories burned - 138
Calories consumed - 1,625

Totals for the week 5/4 - 5/9
Time - 724 mins
Calories burned - 7,067

Schedule for 5/10 - 5/17

Sunday - REST!
Monday - Bike 15 miles/Run 2 miles followed by ST
Tuesday - Swim 900 yards, Cross train 30 mins
Wednesday - Bike 10 miles/Run 3 miles followed by ST
Thursday - Swim 900 yards, Cross train 30 mins
Friday - Easy 4 mile run and ST
Saturday - Light 10 mile bike ride
Sunday - REST!


Bren said...

This is a dreamy schedule - Workout all week and then reward yourself by working in the garden with the love of your life. You couldn't ask for a better lifestyle. ENJOY - BIG HUGS from your friend in the garden.

Trainer T.s Virtual Fitness said...

As always another GREAT Rockstar workout. I hope you got to enjoy your day with your DH you deserve it.

You are so blesssed!
Hugs, T.