Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Workout Results 5/5-

I feel wonderful, rested and ready to work hard again tomorrow. Todays workout was an easy one compared to yesterday and I loved it! My run today was slow but I did it so in that I am proud. The heat and humidity is really starting to get me, so I need to start my runs earlier in the day. Regardless, I go my miles in and burned some calories along the way.

My second workout was at the gym for my swim. I had my log book with me with my workout all planned out. It was one of my best swims consisting of intervals with water and logging breaks in between. Around 1,600 yards, I went to hit the button on my watch "hold to store" and I accidently hit " hold to reset" YEP! I lost my whole workout, I was MAD!!! I wrote down my sets but not my splits so my first 1,600 yard time is not as accurate as I would like....I like to record my times to the second! I wanted to have another time trial for my tri, but it all was lost, so I decided to keep swimming and I did another 500 yards, and this time all was recorded! These things happen, I am just happy that I did well and pushed it once again.

Totals for the day -
Time - 73 mins
Calories burned - 815
Calories consumed - 1,685

Workout 1 - 2 mile easy run/walk
Time - 20:56 mins
Calories burned - 290
1.5 mile run - 15.09 mins
.5 mile run/walk - 5:47 mins

Workout 2 - 2,100 yard swim
Time - 52 mins ( includes 7 water/logging breaks 45-60 seconds) Swim time around 45 mins
Calories burned - 525

Swim - 1,500 yards free and 600 yards pull -
200 free
200 pull
600 free
300 pull
This is where I messed up my watch, for the rest of the workout, all times are exact....
300 free - 6:09.57
100 free - 2:01.60
100 pull - 2:31.22

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Bren said...

Great DAY! I was able to get out for a small bike ride. WISH I WAS AS FAR AS YOU... or that I had the time. I have a spring formal to finish before FRIDAY and a garden party to host on Friday night. ARGGG...... Bike ride on over to the garden and I will put you to work.

BEST WISHES JEN ... Thanks for sharing your workout dear friend. It won't be long till the big race. ((HUGS))