Monday, May 18, 2009

Training smart....

I have decided to take today off. Yesterday my knee started hurting again, and even with icing and meds, there was no improvement. This morning the swelling has gone down and the pain is much better, however I do not want to do something stupid and mess up all that I have trained for. My triathlon is in 14 days and I need to be smart. I have worked so hard for this, there is no question that I am ready for the challenge. So my plan for the day is to get out and walk for about an hour or so and spend some time stretching and using my foam roller. The weather is cool today here as we have had a cold front come in so trust me, I am tempted to get out there and run for once without the heat and humidity! But again, I need to remember that this is just one race and I need to keep myself as healthy as possible for the long term.

Even though I am resting today I still have goals I want to reach and be accountable for...

1. Drink 1 gallon of water
2. Stay within caloric range and log calories
3. Spend at least 30 mins today stretching
4. Ice for 20 minutes 3 times
5. Walk outside for 60 minutes
6. Yoga tonight for at least 30 minutes
7. Take all vitamins and supplements

Because I took the day off to rest, below is my new schedule for the week.

Monday - REST
Tuesday - ST, Run 2 miles on tread and Swim 1200 yards
Wednesday - Bike 15 miles, Run 1 mile, Walk 2 miles
Thursday - ST, Run 2 miles on the tread and Swim 1200 yards
Friday - Bike 15 miles, Run 1 mile, Walk 2 miles
Saturday- Swim 400 yards, Bike 8 miles, Run 3 miles
Sunday - REST


Bren said...

Looks like a fabulous week to prepare for the race to come!
Enjoy your Monday dear Jen.

erin said...

Isn't it crazy how the weather can taunt us sometimes? It's blazing hot when you are working hard, but then the minute you can't, the weather is lovely! You are smart to listen to your body and take it easy today. Like you said: it's just one race, but you've got the rest of your life to think about!