Thursday, May 07, 2009

Workout Results 5/7

I bought a new pair of running shoes today, the Asics Gel Nimbus 11, in pink! They fit really well and they match my tri outfit as well and let's face it that is what is most important, right?! Here is a picture...

Todays workout was an easy one, nothing major just a 4 mile run/walk. I decided to take walking breaks as I am trying to build up my mileage running outside as opposed to the tread for two reasons, one is the heat and the second is my shin. It worked well and I still managed to carry a decent time. I was going to take the day off as this morning I was pretty sore, but I found the run to be relaxing( except for the 95 degree heat index, LOL!) and it was just what I needed. I still have not found a way to beat this pain in my left shin but it will NOT overtake me, I will somehow find a way to make it through this!!!

Tomorrow is my long swim/bike/run/ST day...FUN!! I love that day!!

Keep pressing on!!

Totals for the day -
Time - 46 mins - 4 mile run/walk - 43 mins - 10:75 mm plus a 3 min cool down walk
Calories burned - 609
Calories consumed - 1,781

Totals for the week - MTWTH
Time - 485 mins
Calories burned - 4,977


erin said...

I love the shoes! I have Asics Gel 1140s in pink, and they make me happy. :)

Ida said...

Of course that is what is most important. A girl must be completely coordinated and fashionable at ALL times. (not)

melissa said...

it's so funnt that I read your blog this morning and it was dedicated to SHOES! I am buying new running shoes this weekend too, and I was unsure what to get. Those are super cute!! I am still going strong...It feels AMAZING!! I thank you everyday for your inspiration! Hey by the way...are you still running a marathon in Denver in Sept? I wonder if its the same one that I am training for? Have a fabulous day!! =) Keep smiling!!

Melissa =)

melissa said...

p.s. the marathon Im doing is the Zooma half marathon =)

Trainer T.s Virtual Fitness said...

Cute shoes, I actually looked at these last week.
Keep pressing on, thanks for the inspiration!

Bren said...

These are great..... Have fun breaking them in! I posted a handful of tulips for the garden. Be sure to take a peek! ((HUGS))

Mary M said...

Hey girl...found your blog and enjoying reading your journey and CONGRATS on the weight loss. I am in the process of dieting/training for my first Competition which is something I said I would NEVER do...I want to age gracefully thru diet, exercise and a POSITIVE outlook on myself and life! Read about me and I hope you become a follower of my journey as well.
Have a blessed weekend!