Thursday, January 28, 2010

Workout results 1/27 and Goals for today!

I fell just short of a few goals yesterday but overall I did very well. My fiber intake was CRAZY!! I am really focusing on protein and fiber for these last few weeks. First of all protein is SO important during this phase as my baby girl is bulking up and I want her to have strong bones and muscle! I am watching my fiber intake because during the last few weeks I have read that you can have swelling, constipation and other symtoms so an increase of fiber and water is so good for you. I have also taken out a great deal of sodium, which has helped SO MUCH! I can see a difference not only in how I look but in the scale as well. My weight can change from .5 pound to 2 pounds in one day just from eating a great deal of sodium and not drinking my water. I tell you water helps so much! This was true too when I was in weight loss mode prior to my pregnancy. DRINK that water!!!!

I am heading out for our 30 week doctors apt today! Then I have some more errands to run before my parents and in laws come to see us for the weekend. I am cooking today for all of us! Wonderful, healthy meals I promise! I am cooking a Buffalo chili with beans, stoneground cornbread, chicken fajitas with whole grain fiber tortillas, and a BIG pot of Cranberry beans!

Here are my results from yesterday -

1. Drink 128 oz of water - Only drank 120 oz
2. Fiber intake - at least 35 grams - 86 grams of fiber! WOW!
3. Protein intake - at least 90 grams - 114 grams
4. Fitness - walk for at least 45 mins - 42 min walk
5. Stay within calorie range - 1,500 - 1,800 - 1,465 calories consumed

Goals for today - Thursday 1/28

1. Drink 128 oz of water
2. Fiber intake - at least 35 grams
3. Protein intake - at least 90 grams
4. Fitness - no fitness today - but active day running around town and doing stuff around the house.
5. Stay within calorie range - 1,500 - 1,800


Julie said...

What are Cranberry beans? I've never heard of them and I'm a HUGE bean fan! I could live off of beans. I'll google them and see what they are like. Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

anotherFATgirl said...

WOW on the huge amounts of FIBER!
and YAY for a 30 week doctor appointment! :) you must be super EXCITED!
you look like you're staying on top of things! keep it going!