Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Workout results 1/26

WOW! I just realized it has been awhile since I have posted a workout results blog! BAD JEN!!

All is well with my pregnancy, just taking is easy these days. I am staying VERY active but my walks are short and not as fast as they once were. Thanks to eating well my weight has not been affected though I am gaining each week of course! Today was a busy day. I was out shopping all day then I came home to walk for 55 mins. Now I am officially zapped! But as much as I would like to lay down the laundry is calling me and I must be a good wife and answer the call.

I am still hungry ALL THE TIME it seems! I have been logging my calories and I am doing well but my appetite is growing big time. I guess this is normal but I really want to stay away from all these crazy cravings I am having. It will pay off! I am going to treat myself after my doctors apt on Thursday.

My parents and my in laws are coming to see us on Friday!!! So I have a busy week and weekend ahead of me. We are going to try and finish painting the upstairs of our house and spend time together working on the nursery, which will be fun!

Off to do my laundry now! Blessings!

55 min walk - 3.06 miles
Water - 74 oz so far.....goal by tonight - 128 oz
Calories consumed - 1,638
Fiber - 43 grams
Protein - 133 grams

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