Sunday, November 08, 2009

Weekend report and next weeks schedule...

First things first. Here is my plan for this week -
Sunday - Rest
Monday - 4 mile walk with ST
Tuesday - 3 mile walk
Wednesday - 4 mile walk with ST
Thursday - 3 mile walk
Friday - 4 mile walk with ST
Saturday - 2 mile walk
Sunday - Rest

Now onto the fun stuff!! This weekend was so much fun. My parents came down and were so happy to see me and my ever growing baby belly! They could not believe it! I think after seeing my husband and I married for 10 years and not really planning on having children, they as soon to be grandparents are in shock.....and SO excited! Oh, I should mention that my husband and I are BOTH only children so this really is a BIG deal for both sets of parents!

My mom and I went to the Christmas markets, baby stores and so on while my Dad and my husband worked on the house. We are painting the upstairs and downstairs right now in preparation for the baby. We picked out a beautiful color for my gym room called of all things Jogging Path! Ha! How cool is that?!?! The study is now a wonderful shade of dark cranberry red we found called Crabby Apple and it is the perfect color for what I wanted! We are decorating the study very dark with low lamps and dark woods so the deep red I feel wil really go well with the ambiance we going for.

At the Christmas market I bought this amazing candlelabra that is over 6 ft tall and holds 7 candles for my entry way, oh it is jus lovely! I am a candle nut so finding this made my day! I can just see it now draped with ribbons and garland for the holidays!!! We bought a few more things for the house and then heading off to the baby store the following day. We found a few more cribs that we liked and now we will have to wait and see if we are having a boy or girl before we decide which to buy! Only 8 more days and we will know!

In terms of my walks, my mom and I did an easy 4 miler on Friday which made my total for the week only 10.55. So I did not reach my goal for the week. This week I really need to get back on track with my walking, not only for me but for my growing baby! I feel fantastic and so happy! My husband and I both feel extremely blessed at this moment and are thanking God for every second we are able to share together. The closeness you feel to your husband as you are carrying his baby is something I cannot describe. I love it in every way! He is my world and now I have this little life that we created together growing inside, and it truly is a miracle. Our love and our life, will never be the same and we could not be happier.

Reminiscing.....our last trip to London, December 2008


Mary M said...

Just wait....when you BOTH look at your baby together.......YOU will never be the same again and your lives changed forever!

I can hear the JOY in your heart from your writing!

It is a blessed time and the GREATEST reward that woman get to experience...carrying their baby!

I love the color schemes too you are going with I was feeling all relaxed with the dark colors/wood and low light! LOL!

erin said...

Oh Jen, your joy just radiates through this post. So happy for you and your husband! Can't wait to hear if the baby is a boy or girl!

MODTONYA said...

To this day I look at my children 6,12 and 16 and I still get that feeling when they were growing inside me... You are going to be so happy and proud and you already are... as the years go on... I'm so happy for you and I just wanted to comment on your Chile with bison I made this weekend and it was a grand slam with my family... Thanks a bunch... You as always give me inspiration to work out ... I have 70 lbs to lose so I'm not up on the mileage but I'll get there with all the motivation you share with everyone...Thanks,and more Thanks .....Tonya